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Actor Ardall O’Hanlon is shocked by the death of Father Ted co-star Dermot Morgan

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Actor Ardall O’Hanlon recalls that he was “shocked” by the death of his father, Ted’s teammate Dermot Morgan.

The Sitcom star died suddenly of a heart attack in London in 1998 – the day after the filming of the third and final season.


Ardal recalled with shock the death of his co-star
Father Tedil Fr.


Father Tedil Fr.Attribution: Alami

Speaking to Deirdre O’Kane tomorrow night, Ardal admitted that the loss was too great.

Ardal said his mind could not process it.

Wrapping up their third season yesterday, they talked about what’s next for them in hopes of seeing each other for Christmas.

But the next morning he got a call with the news that Dermot was dead.

He said: “For a while I remained in shock.”

In his audition for Father Ted, Ardal told Deardre that the only acting work he had done in Ireland before Father Ted was a remake of Crimecall.

Father Ted wins

He admitted that he did not have high expectations of Father Ted, thinking that it would be ‘cult’ and that only a few would see it.

He added: “You didn’t get to know Father Ted, everything worked … so we started to believe it was good.”

He loved it when he saw the first season with Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan.

He said: “I remember loving it more than I saw myself in it, so I was not self-conscious.”

Ardal admitted that he loved it as it was frequently mentioned.

He said: “In any protest you are going to see signs of ‘be careful’ and ‘with the sort of the thing of the thing’. “

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Ardal predicted how Brexit itself would teach the British that they were “as irrational as the rest of us.”

The Co The Monaghan actor admitted that he was surprised by the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

He said: “The English brought parliamentary democracy, codified football and Cadbury’s cream egg as the most practical people in the world. Yet they voted for Brexit.

Deirdre O’Kane speaks on RTE One tomorrow night at 9.40pm.

Ardal will be appearing in Deedre O'Cain Tox Funny tomorrow


Ardal will be appearing in Deedre O’Cain Tox Funny tomorrow

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