Action movie actor Steven Siegel has lost a trial in a cryptocurrency case

Action movie actor Steven Siegel has lost a trial in a cryptocurrency case

A federal judge has authorized a regulator to pursue a collection of more than $ 200,000 owed by a Hollywood actor for failing to disclose payments to promote an initial currency offer for the Bitcoin 2 gen.

Steven Siegel, e“Beyond the Law”, a martial artist and star of action movies of the 90s. It was found that even if he settled in Russia, it would not be available to American courts The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will win a case against you.

A federal judge in Brooklyn, New York, told the SEC he could turn to it. Manager Of Seagull trying to charge The actor owes more than $ 200,000 to the US government for not disclosing that he was paid to promote a cryptocurrency.

Federal District Judge William Kunts on Friday signed an order allowing the SEC to collect the remaining fines, penalties and interest.. Seagull agreed to a refund of more than $ 330,000, but the player paid back US $ 75 million He is behind the restAccording to a letter from SEC attorney Maureen Payton King.

Siegel’s spokesman Chris Nasif did not respond to a request for comment.

Siegel agreed to settle the commission’s allegations of $ 250,000 in cash and $ 750,000 in cash. Tokens To promote an initial currency offer for Bitcoiin2Gen. In his social media posts, Seagull appealed to his fans not to miss this offer. The actor resolved the allegations without admitting or denying the mistake.

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Siegel, now living in Moscow, You have not responded to SEC’s repeated requests since your initial payment, According to the Commission. Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a presidential decree in 2016, granting the actor Russian citizenship.

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Last week, Kunts ordered Siegel or his representatives to appear in court to answer the SEC. But Friday Ni Siegel, Ni Su Exbogado, Ni Su Manager Appeared.

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