According to the British government, Sweden and Finland should be integrated into NATO “as soon as possible”.

According to the British government, Sweden and Finland should be integrated into NATO "as soon as possible".

EU talks on lifting sanctions on Hungary

In the context of the negotiations on the embargo on Russian oil, it was rejected by the Hungarian side, and the French proposal, with skepticism, was accepted. “European political community” For countries awaiting accession, Lithuanian diplomat Gabrielius Landsbergis announced at the Council of Europe headquarters:

Unfortunately the whole union is being held hostage by a member state that cannot help us find consensus.

His Austrian colleague Alexander Shalenberg lamented:

We in Europe are very good at always showing ourselves in disagreement, so as not to give the image of unity. We are in a state of conflict.

Coastal Hungary, which has no access to the sea, depends on oil brought in from Russia via the Durshba pipeline. Budapest is blocking the entire sixth package of sanctions, as there is no guarantee of repairs to the supply. Mr. Landsbergis argues that Ukraine is proposing to cut the pipeline that runs through its territory to Hungary: “The problem will be solved if the traffic is stopped. ⁇

Joseph Borel of Spain, Vice President of the European Commission, who chaired the meeting, warned:

We will do our best to resolve the situation. But I can not guarantee it will happen, because the positions are so strong.

“It simply came to our notice then. That’s not going to happen today. “German Foreign Minister Analina Bairbok confirmed. “But in the next few days we will have a general result. I’m confident. “She confirmed.

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