According to new research, 29 habitable planets can see and hear us – Dagsavisen

According to new research, 29 habitable planets can see and hear us - Dagsavisen

For decades, we have been searching for signs of extraterrestrial life in space. In a new study published in the scientific journal Nature, The researchers turned it around.

– This is an exciting way to look at it. We always sit and care for life, far away. They (the researchers behind the article, Journal. Note) see the opposite. Paul Brecke says that civilizations that seek life just like us have found us. He is the Head of Space Research at the Norwegian Space Center.

If they look like us, who can observe us and show us the signs of life?

By searching for a float in the light curve in front of the stars, we humans find planets far away, Breck explains. About 70 percent of the exoplanets and planets outside our solar system are like this.

– It’s the same when you look at the sun. As Mercury or Venus enters, a dark disk is seen in front of the Sun, above the solar disk, and the light is dimmed slightly. Brecke says it’s the easiest way to find them.

The case continues during the video.

Previous studies have examined which planets can observe Earth in this way. However, the new study uses calculations for vantage points that have changed over time from stellar systems in the Milky Way. Scientists have found that within 100 light-years of Earth, 1,715 stars have been able to observe the passage of the Sun over the past 5,000 years during the course of human civilization. Over the next 5,000 years, 319 stars will have the same opportunity – where civilization exists.

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They have been listening to us for 100 years

Mankind is also looking for signs of life by listening to radio waves from space – perhaps aliens are sitting and doing the same. Using our radio waves, 46 star systems are in a position to detect signs of human existence. Researchers end in 29th place when another planet shrinks to where we can see and hear, and has the potential to become habitable.

Researchers have set the distance at 100 light-years – about the first radio transmission from Earth. The BBC’s first radio broadcast was in 1922. Eleven years later the NRK was started.

– Radio signals are leaking and going out in all directions. They are less than 100 light-years away, explaining personal preferences:

– It’s been 43 years since John Tegan’s famous “Mile after Mile” since 1978. 43 light-years away, no one in the universe has ever heard John Tigen sing it, Brecke says.

In the constellation Trapist-1, 45 light-years away, happy aliens will be able to participate in that chapter of Teigen’s Grand Prix adventure in early 2023. Rose-128, only eleven light-years away, is still seven years away. Shutting down the FM network and switching to DAB should really bother them.

Twisting at large distances

– Eleven light-years is not far away, but if you want to find any life there, it will take a long time to travel using our technology, says Brecke.

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The nearest star is Proxima Centauri, four light years away.

– The spacecraft will take about 160,000 years. We can travel a little faster, maybe three times faster, and then we go down to 50-60,000 years. Researchers realize that with today’s technology, eleven light-years cannot travel.

– But can we still export culture?

– Yes, we can talk to someone. If you have a friend on Rose-128, send him an SMS asking if he wants to come up with something interesting, it will take him eleven years to get the message and eleven years to get a reply. This is complicated by the large distances in the room, Brecke says.

Little faith in major revelations from the Pentagon

We know that many of the lights we see in the starry sky shine from stars that died millions of years ago.

– Then we might get signals from someone who lives 100,000 or a million light years away a day, but asks if there’s any point in answering. They’re probably not there, Brecke says.

He does not believe that the US military’s submission to UFOs will say anything more than flying objects are unidentified.

– It’s always exciting, but I’m a little skeptical about the hysteria surrounding UFOs, and there must be aliens, Break says, again telling igs how far away space is, and many other scientific explanations that could otherwise be objects.

– One may also ask the question of whether one has traveled the Milky Way for 50,000 years and landed on Earth to form crop circles and travel again. That’s a little weird.

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