According to Netflix, the chronology of the media in France prompts piracy

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Like Disney, Netflix criticizes media coverage in France. It takes a long time to watch a movie in various media, including legal streaming services.

Netflix does not like timelines with media timelines

During a meeting with the Association of Media Journalists, Damien Burnett, Development Director of Netflix in France, Criticized The chronology of the media, in his opinion, pushes the French into the content of pirates. As a reminder, a new media timeline was signed in January 2022, reducing the time between theatrical release and streaming release from 36 months to 17 months (15 months for Netflix). But it is still too long.

“This timeline cannot be maintained. It is not compatible with usage. The public needs to get content quickly. Putting it on a shelf or in the fridge for 15 months makes no sense today. None of that will help the film. Only piracy creates “, Explains Damien Burnett. The Netflix executive added that the talks should resume in September 2022 and not in January 2023, as Roslyn Bachelot, the then Minister of Culture, had suggested at the beginning of the year.

“Movies release window on platforms worldwide is usually set to 45 days”The Netflix executive continues. “If we can make a window to meet the demand of our subscribers, we’re willing to spend more money to make a French film.”, He said. At the same time, the director of communications, Ann-Gabriel Douba-Pantanax, recalls. “Theatrical release is not the heart of our business”. So Netflix prefers to focus on its content rather than defending movie theaters.

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Disney has a similar argument

It should be noted that Netflix still invests 200 million euros in France, which exceeds the production obligations imposed by the Decree on Demand on Demand (SMAD) audiovisual media services. The service will broadcast 25 French works (series, documentaries, feature films) in 2022. The other 20 are under development.

Disney also criticized the media chronology in France. as well as, Avalonia strange journey, The group’s next animated film, will be released in all Disney + theaters except France. If released in movie theaters, the French would have to wait 17 months to get it on Disney +. In other countries there is no specific time limit. For example it is technically possible to release simultaneously in film and streaming. In the present situation it is unthinkable in France.

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