According to NASA, these 10 plants can purify the air

According to NASA, these 10 plants can purify the air

Today’s air hygiene is definitely not the same as before. The more vehicles, the more dirty and pollutes the surrounding air. One way to overcome this is to plant plants Clean room air at home.

This may seem like fake news to Mama, but in fact there are many plants that are capable of absorbing harmful substances into the air, you know. This has been proven by an experiment conducted by the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

From these experiments, it was found that many plants can not only absorb carbon dioxide and oxygen, but also remove other air pollutants.

No, NASA has compiled a list of 10 plants that can purify the air.

Finally listen, let’s go!

1. Aunt’s tongue

Pixabay / cool2compute

One of the plants that can clean the air in the room, i.e. the mother-in-law’s tongue. Get a scientific name Sansevieria triphasiata, Mama already knows that this ornamental plant can detoxify the air in the room.

NASA test shows it Mother-in-law’s tongue It releases oxygen at night and helps to remove substances such as benzima, formaldehyde or toluene. That’s why Mama is allowed to put her mother-in-law’s tongue in the living room to the bedroom.

In addition, this plant is resistant to sunlight. However, do not forget to water it every week.

2. Peace Lily

2. Peace Lily

Pixabay / Gadini

Yes Spathiphyllum Nickname Peace lotus At home you can definitely make the room beautiful. But this flower is not only decorative, but can also reduce air pollution. In fact, this type of lotus is one of NASA’s three best air purifiers.

It is essential that you grow this plant at home as peaceful lilies can reduce the levels of ammonia, formaldehyde and benzene. Not only that, the treatment is not too complicated, it is kept away from direct sunlight and does not require regular watering.

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Keep the flower out of the hands of cats, dogs, or children, yes, ma. You see, peace lilies cause a burning reaction in the skin and can be poisonous to pets.

3. Chrysanthemum flower

3. Chrysanthemum flower

Pixabay / begonvilliev

In addition to being used as an herbal tea, Chrysanthemum Morifolium Or Chrysanthemum flower May be the choice of plants that clean the air in the room, Ma.

NASA tests show that this plant can remove many toxins, from ammonia to benzene.

Chrysanthemum flowers also come in a variety of colors. Therefore, you need to place it in a plant pot in the kitchen or living room. Keep this flower in a bright place as it likes sunlight.

Make sure that pets do not reach the plant as the flowers are poisonous.

4. Dracina reflex

4. Dracina reflex

Originating in the Indian Ocean, Dracina reflex Also known as song from India, it is very effective in increasing the cleanliness of the air in the room.

According to NASA, this type of plant can eliminate trichlorethylene Xylene Harmful to lung health.

For example, Mama wants to make a decoration as well as a room air purifier. Avoid placing it in a room with a small ceiling. This is because the plant can grow up to two meters in height.

So, let the mother Dracina reflex In the balcony area or on the terrace of the house. In this way, the plant can be exposed to sunlight.

Editors’ choices

5. Gerbera Jamesoni

5. Gerbera Jamesoni

Pixabay / corinaselberg

Also known as Barberton DaisyThis flower is ideal when you need a plant that can beautify and clean the air at the same time. the reason, Barberton Daisy It has the ability to remove chemicals such as benzene and trichlorethylene.

This plant can also release high oxygen at night. Not only that, this type of flower can help people with respiratory ailments Sleep apnea, you know.

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If you want to grow it, be sure to water it regularly to retain soil moisture. Be sure to place the container Barberton Daisy In an area with adequate sunlight, yes.

6. Mr. Rezeki

6. Mr. Rezeki

If you already have Mr. Rezeki plants in your home, try to keep them in the family room. This is because popular plants in China are also included in room air purifiers.

When oxygen is released into the air, pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde are absorbed.

Mr. Rezeki or Aglonema It’s not easy to repair, either. This plant does not need regular watering, but make sure the soil is moist. In addition, these plants can survive in a dark room.

7. Beetle horn

7. Beetle horn

For the uncle who loves plants, it is essential to have cut ivory, as it is known The Devil’s Ivy. Because it gives a lot of benefits, one of which is a plant that cleans the room.

For example, household items such as plastic or electronic devices will definitely drop chemicals. To overcome this, in the room where the mother wants, we can put cut ivory here.

In addition to detoxifying the surrounding air, this plant exhibits a green accent, giving the room a fresh look.

8. Mr. Godding

8. Mr. Godding

There used to be cut ivory, and this time there is Mr. Ivory. What is meant here, viz Dracina flavors This is because, according to NASA, these plants can clean the air in the room Xylene, Formaldehyde, or benzene.

The care of this plant is not very complicated. The mother needs to make sure that the soil retains moisture by providing adequate water.

In addition, Mr. Godding is resistant to dim lighting, so it is ideal to place in the corner of the family room. However, this plant is poisonous and try not to let it reach children.

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9. Philodendron chordatum

9. Philodendron chordatum

From experiments conducted by NASA, there are three types of phyllodendron plants that can improve the quality of the surrounding air. One of them Philodendron chordatum Or Leafy Philodendron. In particular, this plant can absorb formaldehyde.

To take care of it, it’s not really complicated, but there are some things you need to pay attention to. Philodendron plants can live in dim light, but they still need to be exposed to sunlight.

Philodendron does not need a lot of water. The mother needs to be watered only a few times a week.

One more thing, keep this plant away from children and pets, Ma. This is because although it is effective in purifying the air, phyllodendron is poisonous.

10. Red rubber

10. Red rubber

Plants that can clean the air in the room, ie Ficus robusta. In Indonesia, the plant is popularly known as Red Rubber, Ma.

At first glance, red rubber does not look special. The leaves are just green in contrast to the colorful flowers. However, broad leaves are effective in improving the air quality of the room. Not only this, with the help of red rubber you can get rid of bacteria and moss flying in the air.

If Mama wants to grow it but has no experience in caring for plants, don’t worry, because red rubber is not a harmful plant. This plant can still grow in a dark room and in dry conditions. Therefore, it is ideal for use as a plant in the home.

According to NASA, they are the 10 plants that can purify the air in a room. How are you, Mom? Are there any plants on the list that you would like to grow at home?

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