Academy of Sciences praises experts for research on algae, pollen and spoken check

Academy of Sciences praises experts for research on algae, pollen and spoken check

The Gregor Johann Mendel Medal for Merit in Biology was awarded to Joseph Hejlar, who studies aquatic ecosystems, algae expert Jerome Lukavsky and Helena Svitovskaya Svabodova, a pollinator.

Jana Hofmanova, a leading Czech linguist and pioneer in the study of rhetoric in the Czech Republic, and Jiri Kraus and Ludmila Uhlirova, who contributed to the development of Slavic studies, were awarded the Joseph Dobrowski Medal for their contribution to linguistics and philosophy. Sciences.

From left (front row) Joseph Hejler, Jiri Krause, Helena Svitovskaya Swabodova, Jerome Lukavsky (only one of the winners in the back row), Jana Hoffmanova, Ludmila Uhlinova

Photo: Jana Plavek, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Experts received honorary medals of merit from members of the Academic Council at a ceremony in Prague on Monday.

Nutrition cycle

According to the academy, Joseph Hejlar is one of the most important domestic hydrobiologists and hydrochemists, working at the Biological Center of the Czech Budejovic at the Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic. He conducts research on nutrient cycles in aquatic ecosystems and their mathematical modeling.

“Hezler is the author of 55 expertise on water managers in the Czech Republic,” he said.

Algae in a nuclear power plant

Jerome Lukavsky has studied algae and developed several specialized methods for their cultivation. According to the academy, he was involved in developing standards for different types of biosciences using algae. It also collaborates with the Temelin nuclear power plant on methods of maintaining the purity of water in refrigeration systems. Algae reduce their effectiveness.

Helena Svitovskaya Swabodova from the Institute of Botany is an expert in pollen analysis. According to the Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic, the researcher deepened her knowledge of the evolution of Central European nature by studying the grains of fossil pollen.

“One of her most important achievements is the creation and operation of an observation network that monitors current pollen in the mountains of the Czech Republic and Scandinavia.

Development of spoken language or Bulgarian studies

Linguist Jana Hoffmanova has been working at ASCR’s Czech Language Institute for nearly 50 years. The Academy awarded her the Dobrowski Medal for her significant contribution to the study of linguistic, practical, and literary language. For the past 30 years, Hoffman has been deeply involved in conversational communication and spoken language.

Field medals

Photo: Jana Plavek, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Another prize winner, Jiri Krause, started with a mathematical linguist. Later, however, his main professional interest became rhetoric, which he brought to domestic linguistics. Cruise has been running the language magazine Naše eč for more than a decade. The Academy also exemplified his extraordinary knowledge of foreign languages ​​- eight of which he mastered. He also worked at the now-retired Krause Institute for the Czech Language.

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