Abyss: Gin surprises BTS Army. I remember how a ‘big burn’ inspired this song

Abyss: Gin surprises BTS Army.  I remember how a ‘big burn’ inspired this song

Jin once again amazed his musical talent with the release of singer Abyss’s new emotional single last night ahead of his 28th birthday. Listen to the soul-stirring song below.

And yet I stand with you / I do not hear my voice, I walk around / That black place / Lock me, I have to go / I “I’ll be there / I close my eyes to you This is again today, “Birthday boy Jean Krones pours out his heart and soul about his inner turmoil in the recently released single Abyss. In the process, the now 28-year-old singer left the BTS Army in a state of emotional turmoil.

Jinn’s singles are always comforting to one. If so The moon Dedicated to the BTS Army that day Tonight It was for his favorite pets. This time, Jin comforts himself by symbolically using ‘the abyss’, again stating that the power to love oneself chases away everything else. In addition to leaving the song, Jin also wrote a letter to the Army on the Bangtan blog, explaining the meaning behind the single that is stirring up his new spirit. Jin recalled at a recent press conference that he does not want to share his sad feelings with ARMY because he only wants to show good things. However, if it is music, the story is different. Although Jin doesn’t usually share this with his work, he thinks it’s okay to show it as music.

“Actually, I had a big burn recently, but I think it happened because I had a lot of thoughts about myself. I won first place on the Billboard Hot 100 and received compliments from a lot of people. On the way, I felt like I wanted to make everything difficult, ”Jin confessed.

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After receiving counseling about this, Jin Bang talked to Si-hook (the founder of Big Hit Entertainment) and asked if he wanted to write a song about this feeling. Jin was terrified, thinking that the result would not be good if he did not have the confidence to make the song better. He felt he had already reached a point where he had to do it.

However, this did not matter to Bang PD-Nim, as he told Jinn that he would definitely perform well and find the right person for him. That’s how Jin Gui met Beam-Juhyong and talked to him about his feelings and many things.

“He was a bright and positive person. He wanted to help me. My brother said, ‘We can write about a lot of worries. If it doesn’t work, you can try again.’ Done. ”Jin explained

“This is a sad song that does not fit into your birthday, but I think it will remain obscure until your birthday, so Abyss was released. [RM], For writing chorus lines, ”Jin concluded.

Listen to Abyss below:

We are absolutely terrified of a man named Kim Seok-jin!

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Happy Birthday, Jin!

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