Abraham buys a ticket to the cross-country championship

Abraham buys a ticket to the cross-country championship

Philemon Abraham had to shake for a few days – but it became clear to the extraordinary runner from Downstein that one of his big dreams would come true: the runner from LG Festina Rupertivinkle will also compete in the European Cross Country Championships in Dublin (Ireland). On December 12th! The German Athletics Association (DLV) has decided to nominate five players instead of three. Rejoicing at the association’s EM nomination, Abraham said, “I’m so happy to be there.

The DLV was selected as the qualifier for the Sparkasse Cross-Country Run Cross-Country Championship in Pforzheim. A lot was demanded from the contestants. The deep race, the constantly changing rhythm and the cold temperature challenged the runners every second.

The German cross-country elite naturally wanted to recommend themselves for the following Continental title fights, i.e. the men’s race of about 8,800 meters was strong accordingly. In addition to Samuel Fitwi (LG Vulcanifel), who recently won the German runner – up in the 10 km road race, and marathon runner Johannes Moshmann (SCC Berlin), Philim Abraham found himself in the spotlight with his recent Olympic cross victory. -Country run in Munich (we reported) is well prepared.

On the first lap, which advanced about 1,100 meters, Moshman initially set the speed. A group of loved ones, including Abraham, followed him for about half the route. On the last third of the route, Fitwi and cross specialist Marcus Groger (LG Regional Callstoh) accelerated. The group of followers slowly disbanded, with Philemon Abraham in fifth place. In an exciting sprint to the finish, Groger held on for a moment to his amazingly fit Fitvi. Johannes Moshman and Jonathan Dalke followed from Leverkusen. Abraham, who also won a ticket to the European Athletics Federation (EAA) title in Dublin, finished fifth. “It was a tough race, especially because of the sharp changes in direction, but the long ride was well worth it,” Abraham said happily. “Snow in this area is expected to persist for the next few days, so I can do my speed units in downtown.”

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The German team will travel to Dublin just before the European Championship. “I want to get the best out of it and get the best 15 placements,” the trained carpenter said confidently. “I expect the path to be hilly, because that’s what I enjoy the most,” he stressed.

The winner of the women’s competition in Porsche was the mighty Constance Closter Halfen (LG Bayer 04 Leverkusen). She was able to clearly control Alina Reh (SCC Berlin).

After the match in Dublin, Philemon Abraham wants to go back a bit from training and then go to training camp in Kenya in January. He wants to start long-term preparations for his first City Marathon here – he wants to start on April 24, 2022 in Hamburg. fb / SB

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