About 90 people died and dozens were missing

About 90 people died and dozens were missing

The floods overflowed reservoirs and flooded thousands of homes. Floods and landslides in Indonesia and East Timor have killed at least 90 people and left dozens missing, local authorities said Monday (April 5).

The Indonesian Disaster Management Agency said 66 people were killed on Monday. “Forty-two people still missing”An agency spokesman said earlier. At least 21 people have been killed in East Timor, an official has said. Most of the victims were in the capital, Delhi.

The flash floods and flash floods have wreaked havoc in areas between Flores Island (Indonesia) and East Timor. They persuaded thousands of people to flee to reception centers and seek refuge. In the eastern part of Flores Island, many houses, roads and bridges were covered with mud.

Panicked residents rushed to the reception centers, while others lived near where they were left in their homes. “The evictees are scattered everywhere, with hundreds of people in every district, but many have stayed home.”, AFP Alphonse Hada Bethany, head of the Eastern Flores Disaster Management Agency, said. “They need medicine, food and blankets.”

“It is believed that many people are still buried, but it is not known how many there are.”

Alphonse Hada Bethan, Head of Flores Oriental Disaster Management Agency


Road access to Lombata, located halfway between Flores and Timor, has been cut, forcing authorities to deploy construction machinery to reopen roads. Some elevated villages are partially washed ashore by landslides.

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