About 300 people gather at the supermarket car park for a ‘car meet’

About 300 people gather at the supermarket car park for a 'car meet'

It took two hours to disperse Garda for a car meeting of about 300 people at a supermarket car park in Thullamore yesterday.

An oat Tage released by An Garda Siochana shows that about 300 vehicles are parked in the car park of the Aldi supermarket on the CloneCollig Industrial Estate in Thullamore.

People can be seen gathering in the car park without keeping a social distance.

It took more than two hours for the duty officers to disperse the assembly that the Corona virus guidelines were not “in order then”.

A Garda Siochana conducted a “practical” checkpoint where he confiscated a car from an unaccompanied driver and fined him several fines for various offenses, including speeding.

Thullamore Garda inspected the car for about two hours last night to disperse the meat. Covid compliance was not the order of the day, ”reads a Guardian post on Laois Ofali, one of Siochana’s local social media pages.

“Several fixed fines were seized for various offenses, including speeding and driving. About 300 plus vehicles and people are participating. ”

Calling the behavior “short-sighted”, Garda requested public cooperation with the guidelines and guidelines.

“Please refrain from this activity. It is short-sighted. You are not helping us all.”

A Garda spokesman confirmed that the information in the Facebook post was correct.

A car was seized at a Garda checkpoint from an unaccompanied driver. No arrests were reported, the spokesman said.

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