About 10,000 Ukrainian refugees are likely to become homeless

About 10,000 Ukrainian refugees are likely to become homeless

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In Ireland, 10,000 Ukrainian refugees will be homeless by the end of this month. The government had announced that it could accommodate 100,000 people, but by 21,000, the country’s capacity was already depleted. More than 20,000 Irish people had promised to host them, but they did not meet all the criteria of the Red Cross.

With our correspondent in Dublin, Laura Touchanov

Only 20% of the refugees expected by the government have arrived in Ireland so far, but hotels, beds and breakfasts are already full. So politicians are studying all the options: vacant buildings need to be upgraded to be converted into emergency housing, for example.

Remuneration of resident Irish Ukrainians Contrary to what the Prime Minister said weeks ago, it is also on the table. The system is already in place in the United Kingdom, where families receive an average of യൂറോ 400 for their reception.

Gymnasiums and party rooms as an emergency solution

Associations urge Irish people to immediately rent out their holiday homes, for as little as 300 or 400 euros. Ireland was estimated to have 25,000 accommodation from individuals, but after being checked by the Red Cross for security concerns, barely half complied.

What the government is trying to avoid altogether must be established after Easter, i.e. gymnasiums and party rooms with beds and tents for Ukrainian refugees.

Listen: Organizing the reception of Ukrainian refugees in Europe

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