“Abortion is almost or completely banned for half of American women,” warns one historian

"Abortion is almost or completely banned for half of American women," warns one historian

“Abortion is almost or completely banned for half of American women.”, United States Specialist Political Scientist and Historian Nicole Boucharan explains Friday, June 24, in Francine. The Supreme Court has given freedom to 50 American states to ban spontaneous abortion (IVG) by burying it in their soil. Roy vs. Word since 1973Until then, the right to abortion had been guaranteed.

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franceinfo: How would you describe this “backtracking”?

Nicole Bacharan: This is an extreme conservative attack that has been going on for 50 years. Ever since abortion was legalized in the United States, there have been churches and conservative groups working to find advocates for you and others.

“However, this change actually took place in the presidency of Donald Trump, whose religious concerns are known to be self-serving or extremely superficial.”

Nicole Bacharan, historian

In Francinefoil

But he had the opportunity to appoint three justices to the Supreme Court, three ultra-conservative justices who have made a difference today. Donald Trump is fulfilling the agreement he made with his judges and his voters today: ban abortion in the United States, and it will happen in about half of the American states in the coming weeks.

What can Joe Biden do to change this decision? Is there any way to prevent this stop from being applied?

Now, no, not really. The Supreme Court is the supreme law of the land. So the president said, “What we can do is a federal law passed by Congress in Washington protects the right to abortion, so it’s a federal law that applies to all states. The Supreme Court, in its judgment today, in all its hypocrisy, says, “If we want abortion, we do not prohibit abortion,” but “we will not protect it.” So states must hold their elections and vote on their legislation. About half of those 50 states will ban it. Therefore, one can imagine that a federal law establishing the right to abortion for all American women would override this Supreme Court ruling. But that means a very strong majority in Congress, especially in the Senate, with at least 60 senators. Not only is Joe Biden not having this majority today, he is unlikely to get it when we have another Assembly election in November. The reality is that for almost half of American women, abortion will be effectively or completely banned, and abortion will continue in situations where women feel there is no other way. The history of the world is as old as the history of women.

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What are these women going to do now if the state where they live bans abortion?

The wealthy, those who can take leave, those who have little financial means and those who have family to help will travel. They travel thousands of miles to get an appointment at a clinic in a liberal state. In more liberal states, clinics are going to be completely overloaded. Then the most humble women, who already have many children and are unable to take a day off, will adopt “methods” that endanger their lives and health. Some give birth to unborn babies.

“In fact, it’s quite dramatic, because neither the legislature nor the Supreme Court judge imagines that abortion is going to be prevented, nor is he going to prevent abortion under the right sanitary conditions.

Nicole Bacharan, historian

In Francinefoil

In your opinion, does the American community accept this decision of the Supreme Court today?

I do not know. Only 28% of Americans want us to change this famous Roy vs. Word judgment that defended the right to abortion. 28%, does not mean it should be banned. Not the same thing. What actually developed was a more radical part of evangelicals, ultra-orthodox Catholics and the Republican Party. Republican presidents like Nixon, who was president when abortion was legalized, and Reagan, George W. Bush, Eisenhower, and none of these extremists were present. This radical behavior is recent and inconsistent with the general evolution of society.

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