Abolishing Daylight Saving Time: Risks and Benefits

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L’Daylight Savings Time March is going to greet us until the last weekend Dear Bills It is already starting to be felt, and unfortunately it is destined to be with us for a long time. with devastating consequences for the family and the national economy. what to do There is talk of mandatory switching off of street lights on weekends and shorter hours for shops. However, concrete solutions (except for rationing), have not yet been seen. What if there was a simple and painless alternative to save money 500 million Euro electricity in a year? That is what he petitioned for Change.orgIt has already passed in a few weeks 250 million Signatures: Set Daylight savings All year round, thus avoiding moving the hands back towards the end of October, thus guaranteeing an extra hour of light every afternoon, while work activities are still active. At the cost, of course, of waking up well before dawn in the next few months.


Major supporters of the petition Italian Society of Environmental Medicine and organization Consumerism is not profitableThey elaborated on their theory in an open letter published in the latest issue of Lancet Regional Health. According to the petitioners, modern society, with its rhythms and habits, the lack of sunlight in the early hours of the day poses little problem to the health and well-being of its citizens, while the hours of sunlight in the afternoon. become Savings Energetic The concrete, historical moment is very valuable.

Terna – they remember – has counted 420 million from Kilowatts Electricity is saved in 2022 as it is summer. At the end 15 yearsAmount of savings 10 billion kilowatt hoursOverall 1.8 billion of the euro. Keep up with current prices, according to estimates by Sima and nonprofit consumerism Daylight savings This will allow for more savings in the coming months billion euros of energy (between heating E Consumption Electrical), and will avoid distribution every year 200.000 ton CO2From energy production.

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Not all: The double time change (with the introduction and end of summer) creates inconvenience for many citizens, eliminating it would also benefit public health. This will allow you to have more hours of light for socializing and outdoor activities, especially for young children. In America, the change between standard time and daylight saving time is associated with a decrease Productivity workingIncreased incidence Heart attacks E StrokeAnd high probability Accidents Road. Not surprisingly, in March of this year, the US Senate voted the so-called “”Sunshine Protection Act”, which aims to stabilize daylight saving time in the Union, and will take effect from the winter of 2023 if it passes the chamber’s vote.

Risks: Diabetes and obesity

While the benefits in bills are indisputable, the year-round effects of summer on health are uncertain. Among the skeptics we find, for example, the Italian Society of EndocrinologyIn September, during the meetings of the “Italian Endocrinology and Metabolism”, she took the opportunity to warn about the risks emerging from the latest American studies.

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