Abandoned house stopped on time

Foto de Rebecca Brownlie da casa abandonada

A photographer visited a residence in Northern Ireland in 2017 and recorded antiques such as photographs and newspapers reporting the sinking of the Titanic.

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What if a house is parked on time? Photographer and Archivist Rebecca Broly He could not even imagine it. This is what she saw when she visited an old house on an abandoned farm near the town of Cookstown, a village in Northern Ireland.

“When I saw the exterior of the house, I must admit that I was not sure it would be a good visit,” he told the Belfast Telegraph when photos of the house became internationally relevant in 2020. “But as soon as I opened the door I was fascinated. It was practically a history museum. ”

Attribution: Disclosure / Daily Mail / Rebecca Brownly

The house stood in the twentieth century, and the place may have been shown then. Everything will look like this: furniture, objects, newspapers, and even a half-smoked pipe have not been damaged in that environment.

Bra row li They took pictures of the exterior and interior of the house and published them on the ‘Abandoned NI’ website, which shows general photos of abandoned places, such as the Cookstone Home. The house was demolished after a photographer’s visit between December 2017 and April 2018.

Stopping on time

Attribution: Disclosure / Daily Mail / Rebecca Brownly

The place was empty when the last of the three brothers who lived there died. Everything found is his, ”he said.Dessie”. That’s all you know about him Dessie He was a farmer Bra row li, “Amazing Chef”.

“In many ways, he was a great cook, and many friends still talk about his original soy bread. He was a farmer who milked cows to produce milk and butter, ”said the archivist.

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There were several indications that the house had been abandoned. Otherwise, time is forgotten. The best was there: countless standing clocks were inside the residence.

Attribution: Disclosure / Daily Mail / Rebecca Brownly

“Once I walked around each room and got the right look, I was fascinated by the historical items left here. It was literally a rough diamond, ”he said.

There, glasses, closed food cans, books, magazines, photographs and newspapers of the time were also identified. The final items were more interesting because they showed the date of publication.

One of the publications was the Mid-Ulster Mail, which DC may have read in 1917, the year it was printed on its cover. You can read other important news of that time at home. The sinking of the Titanic in 1912 was printed in one newspaper, the others from 1811 onwards.

Attribution: Disclosure / Daily Mail / Rebecca Brownly

It represents well the historical period in which the employee lived, but there are still items that show how quickly his routine was interrupted from death. For example, his shoes were next to his bed, and a half-smoked pipe filled the table in the house, filled with other objects, including a cup that seemed to have been placed just before he died.

“The plan was to demolish the house and build a new one, but I wanted everyone interested to record before demolishing Dessie’s house,” the photographer explained. “The house was a one-and-a-half-story cottage, so I didn’t expect much when I got there on a snowy ground on a Sunday morning.

Attribution: Disclosure / Daily Mail / Rebecca Brownly

She can make no more mistakes: Bra row li Surprising the house, he decided to save some of the most notable objects of the house and display them. The Archivist held an exhibition with objects at Riddle’s warehouse in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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“Houses like this are what I love about photographing and documenting these buildings,” he said. “There are so many places like this all over the country, they’s left untouched. Soon they will be gone too. We have no record that they were there.”

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