Abandoned developers respond to the last speculation of development Vortex

Abandoned developers respond to the last speculation of development Vortex

U.S.pdate: In the growing speculation that the development of the abandoned is over and playful of course No light, Following yesterday’s information, the developers from Blue Box Game Studio came forward and denied these rumors in a short statement on Twitter. “Dear community, you’re bursting at the seams with requests and questions about the state of development of the abandoned. In the light of the latest speculation that we have abandoned, we call this speculation wrong,” say the developers. Confirmed. “We originally planned this in the first quarter of 2022, but unfortunately we & # 39; re not done with everything yet, underestimating our development plan,” explains Blue Box Game Studio. Confirms that they need some time before getting ready for the planned performance.

Original report from March 31, 2022: Exactly two months ago we published the latest news about the game abandoned by the developers from the Blue Box Game Studio in Vortex. And the studio ClaimedShe was the victim of a hacking attack, after which she lost access to YouTube and warned players not to respond to pre-order emails for the game. Now comes another one – some weird information – which in turn affects the abandoned Twitter account. As youtube lance McDonald noticed, developers from the Blue Box began to delete some old tweets that brought details about the future presentation of Abandoned, including the demo they promised last December.

According to McDonald’s, in addition to information about the demo, the reference to the actual size and content of the only sample that players have been waiting for release in the app directly on PlayStation is much longer than what the Blue Box originally offered. We will not deal with the matter of the postponed teaser a second time – we discussed this in detail in previous articles – however, in a tweet deleted today, the developers explained that the demo is too long, but are waiting for it. A small solution that the Blue Box has never provided. “A lot of people do not understand why PlayStation supports this game. But all indie studios have been given a certain amount of marketing opportunities that the Blue Box used to seduce the teaser at once. [aktivity] McDonald adds.

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On the other hand, although there are not many messages in Twitter’s blue box right now, it is not an attempt to erase all traces and delete leftovers from the Internet, as they appear incorrectly in some articles or fan comments. The developers report the game on the main label, providing generally available statements from the studio’s founder, Hassan Kahraman, and an explanation of what should have been abandoned when the game came out. What’s more, a few days ago, the administrator of the Twitter account The answer is yes At the request of one of the fans what happened to the game, they need some more time to make sure the abandoned ones come out in adequate condition. But that still does not mean he is in the game Everything Well, let’s add Kahraman’s current argument, especially with a musician who has to take part in one of the game’s soundtracks.

Lance McDonald’s report was inspired by a German musician and audio designer. FastaxHe claimed to have worked with his band on one of the abandoned songs. “We exchanged a lot of emails. The last answer I got via LinkedIn was – this is messy, it should have come out in March, you have a PlayStation 5,” the musician wrote a few hours ago. He added that he has been composing songs with his band for 50-60 hours since last August, and each time he received a message from the Blue Box apologizing for the delay but against the promise that the game would deliver. Appears in the game and maybe in the trailer, Fastex still works. However, the collaboration ended, which was confirmed by Hassan Kahman some time ago, when he went publicly to Fastex and questioned what the musician was saying.

“We’ve never signed a contract, it’s never been formal. You asked us, I told you we could use it, it did not happen,” says Kahraman. And then told the musician. However, he responded in the sense that he had a communication that prompted him to adjust the blue box, which the musician’s colleague immediately acted on. “No, you did not tell us not to use music. Yes, we did work on it. It’s not really a problem not to use it, but why did you not tell me?” Asked Jumping to the point of making the Blue Box infamous with Fasttex. In this case, too, ignore and delay the apparent communication. However, in the final message, Kahman apologized for the misunderstanding and terminated the transfer.

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But we have a good song, it sounds so beautiful, if you’re shaking your head …

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