A YouTuber’s Crazy Idea: Build a Robotic Exoskeleton to Make a Snake Walk It works (but under human control) – video

A YouTuber's Crazy Idea: Build a Robotic Exoskeleton to Make a Snake Walk  It works (but under human control) - video

A walking snake. In a recently uploaded video, the YouTuber and engineer Allan Pan He felt bad for snakes because, due to the evolution of species, ‘They have lost their limbs“. A topic that has really been a hot topic in the scientific community for years. The young engineer decided to “fix” the evolution of the species, design and 3D print it. Robotic exoskeleton that allows snakes to “walk” again. Building the facility was not easy. As seen in the posted video YouTube, the first attempts to create the structure failed. To test different prototypes, Pan initially used some toys and observed the lizards’ movements and gait. Later, in the actualization of the project, he used a real python. Final exoskeleton a Clear plastic hollow tube, to allow reptiles to freely enter and exit the device. They are connected to the supporting structure 4 robotic legsTwo in front and two behind, Connected to two servosSo you can remotely control your walking speed from a computer.

As can be seen from the video, the snake’s “walk” is actually guided by the gods Servo controller Using the coded sequence. Basically Allan Pan himself manages the movement of the exoskeleton with the snake inside. At the end of the video, the YouTuber puts stand by structure, and Python slides from one end of the tube, fully autonomous. But in the comments to the video there are already people looking to the next step: How can a snake be allowed to freely control its walking direction? Some users assume the use of cameras to detect the direction of the animal’s gaze, and as a result, connect the “walk” of the robot-snake with the direction of its gaze, so that it decides to move freely like a lizard. For now, however, it remains an overwhelming and fascinating theory (or terrifying, depending on the perspective), which could be applied to other species as well.

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