A woman who went to the bathroom on a plane gave birth to a baby she wasn’t expecting

A woman who went to the bathroom on a plane gave birth to a baby she wasn't expecting

The woman, who did not know she was pregnant, was shocked when she felt labor pains during the flight. She went to the bathroom of the plane with severe abdominal pain and came out with the baby in her arms.

The New York Post reports that the episode took place on Wednesday (7) on a KLM flight from Guayaquil, Ecuador to Spain. The woman had to get off a scale in Amsterdam, Netherlands to get medical attention.

The passenger, Tamara, told doctors she didn’t really know she was expecting a baby. After experiencing severe stomach pain during the flight, he went to the bathroom and found relief. However, the symptoms continued and intensified until the woman realized she was actually in labor.

“A few hours before landing in Holland, her stomach hurt and she decided to go to the bathroom. After two contractions, she suddenly had a baby in her arms,” ​​said Sparne Gasthuis, a Haarlem hospital spokesman. Zuid, Netherlands.

An airline spokeswoman said two doctors and an Austrian nurse were on board and helped Tamara after the unexpected delivery.

The Ecuadorian woman, who lives in Madrid, named the baby Maximiliano after one of the passengers who helped her in the confusion.

KLM reports that Tamara and the baby are doing well. Both were taken to the hospital in an ambulance immediately after landing at Schiphol airport on Thursday (8).

“The delivery team did everything possible so that both received proper care. As soon as possible, Tamara and Maximiliano will be released and go to Madrid”, the hospital said.

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