A volcano erupts in the Canary Islands and Goo conspiracy counsel YouTuber goes wild: “According to the Bible …”

A volcano erupts in the Canary Islands and Goo conspiracy counsel YouTuber goes wild: "According to the Bible ..."

Psychic T Chase is a YouTube influencer who has sent many Canarians into a tailspin. In fact, he interpreted a passage from the BibleA volcano erupts in La Palma, one of the islands in the Iberian Peninsula.

Explosion in the Canary Islands: This is an immediate conspiracy

According to the Goo conspiracy theorist who posted the video, this explosion will not only compromise the Canary Islands, but Spain as a whole.

According to the analysis of his verses, dIn the Old Testament it seems that this explosion will cause a real tsunami Capable of destroying a large part of the Iberian Peninsula.

According to YouTuber, it will be Cumbre Viza (the name of the volcano that gave birth to a spectacular eruption these days) and the first area of ​​the island will be tested by a deep eruption. The second eruption will cause a tsunami to devastate Spain. Apparently, the tsunami will wreak havoc on the north coast of Africa and destroy it.

“Everybody will be saved”, according to YouTube quotes “Their heart will burn“Survivors will be weeping in desolate houses.”

But is this really a credible theory?

Influencer and goo conspiracy theorist advances theories that come from a software that modifies the words in the scriptures: we already understand how its authenticity cannot be fully assessed.

In addition, his predictions spread to other parts of the world, furthering the theory: “A wave seems to be affecting Great Britain. But it will have the worst impact on the United States. It is believed that a volcanic eruption could create a ninety-meter wave, and that it would take only a few hours to evacuate coastal cities in the United States.

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The words of the Goo September consultation theorist coincide with the September 19 eruption on La Palma Island in the Canary Islands. Authorities have already cleared the area and provided shelter to residents. Five villages have already been completely evacuated, The local police appealed to the people to be extremely vigilant in the course of the incidents.

In fact, as pointed out News 24 hours, Volcanic phenomena on Canary Earth are nothing but a novelty: There have been 16 eruptions affecting the region since the 15th century, with only one victim in 1971. (Due to negligence: she came very close to exploding, inhaling the toxic gases of magma).

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