A virtual St. Patrick’s Day, because there is nothing better

A virtual St. Patrick's Day, because there is nothing better

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For the second year in a row, traditional parades and shows have been canceled in Ireland due to the epidemic. A huge loss to tourism, an opportunity to implement what has changed over the years, a real “soft power”.

From our correspondent in Dublin,

Every year on St. Patrick’s Day the capitals are green, and the cities organize parades with lepers and gold nuggets. Beer flows ച്ച് March 17 is the day that reminds Ireland of the rest of the world.

Visit to White House House canceled

The Irish Prime Minister is traditionally invited to Washington for the Clover Ball. He recently met with US economic and political representatives. He is also the only head of government who is guaranteed to spend half a day face-to-face each year with the American president, known as the most powerful man in the world. A great achievement for Ireland is a feather in the international arena: not a great power, not economic or military.

Every year except this year: For the first time since 1956 the Prime Minister spends St. Patrick’s Week in Dublin. Michael Martin has been locked in a government palace since Monday, March 15th. Like the St. Patrick’s Day parades, diplomatic summits are held via video conference. In order to strengthen financial exchanges, parliamentary groups had business leaders to look after the relations between the two countries (one in ten Americans claim Irish origin).

A virtual St. Patrick’s Day because there is nothing better

Shares between Kovid-19 Pandemic, Economic Recovery and Brexit are not low this year … Topics discussed from Michael Martin to March 17 should be seen by Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris. This is their first March 17 in current functions. The Prime Minister should seek political support for the two trade agreements, the two peace agreements between Ireland. Irish MPs expect Michael Martin to ask the US president for a little help in speeding up the vaccination campaign, which is slowing down here. For the time being, the question does not seem to be on the agenda.

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Like shows and parades, a digital alternative is better than one, but it is not the same. The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in Washington helps to establish a special and deep connection between Ireland and the United States that will serve for a long time. These links ended the 1998 civil war.

Establishing a diplomatic relationship involves all the formal moments that video conferences do not allow. So there was a debate in Dublin: Can the Prime Minister go to Washington if he has to make it a priority? After all, he attends European Councils in Brussels. Finally, he was not invited without following health recommendations

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