A video from Ireland was hijacked to spread the anti-immigrant message in France

A video from Ireland was hijacked to spread the anti-immigrant message in France

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In a September 14 post, a member of the French far-right party shared a video claiming that the attack on the train station in France was carried out by immigrants. But this is a hoax … an update on the lessons to be learned from this example with Barbara Joanna from Dozinfox Migrations.

Thierry Sagallos, a former candidate for the French departmental election under the label “Assembly National”, used the words “corruption and” opportunities for France “to describe the presence of immigrant people at home.

However, the video was originally shot in Ireland on April 1, 2021. This has been reported by the Irish media. In this episode of Info or Indox, Alexander Capron from the Observers de France 24 team recalls the origins of this video and what we know about the scene.

What does the author of the video answer about the distribution of this video out of context?

Contacting our editorial staff, Thierry Sagallos replied, “Without further ado, I do not want to respond.”

Three hours after the scene was published, he edited his post on Facebook, claiming that it was a “paradox for France” referring to immigrant people. New publication claimed:

“” The Possibilities of Europe “… in their despicable deeds.

On a station platform, boys spit in the faces of young girls and hit them, randomly! Someone falls off the track. Ignorance!

Multiculturalism in Ireland in our French and European UMPS top subsidiaries ”

Screenshot of the history of the revisions of Theory Sagalos’ publication. © Facebook Theory Sagalos Politics

Yet there is no factual evidence, including an Irish police report, to support any claim that the attackers were racist or national. However, Irish journalists told our editorial staff that Irish youths from non-immigrant backgrounds were behind the attacks.

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Desinfox migrations, or the fight against “anti-immigrant” poisoning

For Barbara Joanne, of the “Disinfox Migrations” group, this example represents a recurring fabrication around anti-immigrant issues:

In 2005, Nicolas Sarkozy coined the term “scam”. It is a term frequently used on the right and left. This “corruption” is more or less clearly associated with so-called “young people from the neighborhood” or “young people of immigrant descent, apparently young French people of non-European descent.” The term corruption is used here.

The expression “Les Chance la France” directly refers to immigration. It appeared in 1984 with the publication of Bernard Stacey’s book “Immigration, an Opportunity for France”. On May 29, Emmanuel Macron took these words from the South African country he had visited, speaking to French youth with “a history with Africa” ​​and declaring, “You are an opportunity for France.”

For Barbara Joanne, this example provides the recurring theme of immigration opponents: the relationship between immigration and crime refuses to “integrate” foreigners and immigrant youth.

These issues are repeated in the misinformation about immigration. The most talked about article is by Desinfox-Migrations The relationship between immigration and crime.

In fact nationalism does not matter to us: whatever the origin of the person who commits such acts, it is reprehensible! It is also interesting to note that the various facts of assault, crime, and disqualification are always more widely disseminated to foreigners or immigrants of French descent.

However, research shows that the main factors behind crime are socio-economic and regional inequalities and discrimination against young people in the neighborhood, more important than their nationality or ethnic origin.

The same observation applies to school and professional integration: the social atmosphere is more crucial than “origin”. In this topic, for example, we can refer to the work and surveys of researchers at the National Institute of Demographic Studies. Paths and origins leading to INED and INSEE. ”

To learn more about how Disinfox migrations work, you can follow along Their Twitter account is here, Where to go On their website.

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