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A very important character will make this series great.

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The Peeky Blinders series continues to spread ink, with Netflix revealing that the final episodes ending the Shelby Saga will not be released until next year.

But not so! The popular series is one of the characters that marked the minds of fans in the sixth season of Peeky Blinders. We explain everything in this article.

An unexpected start to Season 6 of Peeky Blinders!

Season 5 of Peeky Blinders premiered in October 2019. One year and five months later, fans can’t wait for the sixth and final season of this series of British descent today. Millions of viewers around the world. If you are one of them, know that you still have to be a little more patient.

You’ll have to wait until the beginning of 2022 to see how Shelby’s adventures will end … In the meantime, we’ve realized that one of the best characters of last season will not make his comeback. This past season of Peeky Blinders: This is Jesse Eden!

In a recent interview with a journalist from Digital Spy, Irish actress Charlie Murphy revealed that she will no longer be playing Jesse in the sixth season of Peeky Blinders. To the surprise (disappointment) of many fans who expected this female character to attend the conclusion of the group of Thomas Shelby and the gang.

Admit it: Jesse Eden was not clear in the fifth season episodes. In an interview, Charlie Murphy said he greatly appreciated the role of a trade unionist in condemning the unacceptable condition of British workers. The 36-year-old actress added that she will have fond memories of the experience.

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What a conclusion to the series Peek-a-boo blinds ?

Fans of the Netflix TV series Peeky Blinders began to prepare several scenes to explain how the series would end without the character of Jesse Eden. In one of those fantasies, Thomas Shelby finally encounters Sir Oswald Mosley, a politician with a fascist ideology, played by actor Sam Claflin.

Jesse Eden’s farewell seems to have compromised this theory, but it’s just as certain on screen … a snapshot taken during the filming of the sixth season, recently leaked to the web from behind by someone facing Thomas Shelby. Some fans think this character is none other than Sir Oswald Mosley! In real life, the Peacock Blinders’ battle with Sir Oswald Mosuli in the 19th century is a confrontation that makes perfect sense.

Jesse Eden Peeky dances blindfolded

While waiting to learn more, filming of the final season of the series began on the streets of London a few weeks ago. According to some rumors, it should end in July 2021 …

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