A U.S. judge has ruled that Carlos Ghose ‘accomplices should be extradited

Les deux hommes auraient aidé Carlos Ghosn à s

Two men, a father and son, are accused of helping a fallen auto businessman escape Japanese justice.

A U.S. federal judge on Thursday (Jan. 28) gave the go-ahead for the extradition of two Americans arrested in Japan in May 2020 on suspicion of helping former Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghose flee the country.

Judge Indira Talwani ruled that the allegations made by Michael Taylor and his son Peter Taylor, who could be tortured in Japanese prisons, were not sufficient to insult the Tokyo-Washington extradition treaty. . “While prison conditions in Japan are deplorable, the criminal proceedings against Taylors do not satisfy America’s enthusiastic process.”, Japanese condition is not “hard work or severe mental and physical suffering” Lessons as envisioned “, The judge wrote in his 29-page decision. Both were not established “They are more likely to be persecuted in Japan”He added.

“Great risk of flight”

The judge also noted that the facts they allege are criminal in the United States and Japan.

Michael Taylor and his son Peter, former members of the U.S. Special Forces, were arrested in May 2020 after Japan issued an arrest warrant. Peter Taylor, former head of the Renault-Nissan automotive alliance, was arrested in Boston on his way to Lebanon to seek asylum. Assume that there is one “Great risk of flight”Both were jailed for not deciding the outcome of the extradition proceedings.

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The two men escaped from Japan on December 29, 2019, along with Lebanese George-Antoine Saik, who allegedly helped a fallen auto businessman escape from Japanese justice. Carlos Ghosn has been released on bail following allegations of financial fraud. . According to U.S. court records, all three appear to have helped hide in a large slush fund, similar to a musical instrument cabinet, and then they boarded a private jet, and baggage control was not mandatory for these types of flights at the time.

Lawyers for Taylors immediately appealed the decision, but it is unclear how quickly the appeal will be considered.

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