A tropical depression is headed for Europe: Which region will come first, say meteorologists

A tropical depression is headed for Europe: Which region will come first, say meteorologists

A tropical depression will hit France by September 11, according to several French, Spanish and American meteorologists. Several scenarios are envisioned as this phenomenon is still far from being certain.

Currently, a tropical depression formed in the Atlantic Ocean is moving towards Europe. Alix Roumagnac, head of Predict Services, confirms it will hit our shores on September 11 or 12. This unusual weather phenomenon is due to the rise in ocean temperature.

Brittany and then Northern Europe

The question is which sector will be affected exactly. Opinions differ. According to the head of the Hérault-based Predict Service, depression will be affected Before Brittany went to Ireland and England.

“This phenomenon could have an indirect effect and cause the Mediterranean air to rise with a new Mediterranean episode. But it is too early to tell, argues Alix Roumagnac. We have other episodes before this date, this Friday, September, 2.” Indeed, locally heavy rains are feared near the Mediterranean arc. Locally, accumulations can range from 80 to 90 mm.

Has Spain been affected?

Juan Jesus González Aleman, a doctor of physics and member of the Spanish Meteorological Agency, favors another scenario. He explains this on his Twitter account, where he writes “A Anomalous atmospheric phenomenon“. El Periodico reports his words: “A possible situation, as it has not yet formed, very complex processes are coming into play. But it is a serious enough issue to watch and pay attention to.” This tropical depression is likely to develop into a cyclone, the weatherman said.

A rerun of the most unusual events in the atmosphere resumes.

A tropical cyclone intensifies into a huracan at a latitude tan alta!

Todo ello ocurindo sobre las extreme anomalies de temperature superficial del Agua de la Zona. pic.twitter.com/Nft4SRLefX

— JJ Gonzalez Alamán (@glezjuanje) September 1, 2022

With the new reality of the models, a new scenario emerges for this unusual tropical cyclone en el adquire una component mes hacia el norte.

Sig presents a scenario that could affect the northeastern peninsula.

Increased uncertainty. Seguiremos pendants… pic.twitter.com/B3zbffvNMd

— JJ Gonzalez Alamán (@glezjuanje) September 1, 2022

El Centro Nacional de Huracáns de EEUU @NHC_Atlantic Del Anomalo (Muy al Norte) increase the chances of the formation of Cyclone del Que Ha Venido Hablando.

The coincidence between the models is strong. Because azores podrian ser las primeras affectadas por east systema. pic.twitter.com/cNDTNmRgNE

— JJ Gonzalez Alamán (@glezjuanje) August 31, 2022

A model in Portugal in 2018

Alix Roumagnac delays: “Everything will depend on the strength of the wind, it is too early to say. But if this tropical depression affects Brittany, it will be the first. A similar phenomenon affected Portugal in 2018 and caused serious flooding. Odile.”

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