A trip to “the strangest place in the world”

A trip to "the strangest place in the world"

Above the Aranian Islands, the ghosts of long-forgotten heroes / they thunder from the starry velvet sky. They are the lyrics of an old ballad written by Thomas “Tommy” McKem (1932-2007), considered one of the fathers of Irish music, and often resonate between walls. The Crane Bar, In the heart Galway, A city of the Atlantic Ocean, a city of the same name, overlooking the mouth of the bay, 200 km from Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland.

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Ireland Galway and the Aran Islands: Travel

To present, today, the notes of the singer-songwriter are circulating in pubs among his instruments (The Five string banjo Has a long neck, guitar, flute, and bagpipes). The Historic Pub, a hub for international music lovers, offers live concerts every evening in an environment without any changes, with wooden counters, yellow photos, and a small stage alternating between young talents and famous voices.

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City of merchants facing the sea

Its popular address is not just the crane bar The town opened to the sea, Where Gaelic speaks and remembers the power of old mansions Tribes of Galway, Business families who have dominated the city for centuries.

They are very popular O’Connors, Taig Kali, The King’s Head, Meet award-winning local beer Galway Hooker, and musicians battling with the tin whistle (an instrument of the straight flute family) and the violin.

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Celtic music and engagement rings

Also known as Galway Festival (After canceling events that were the European cultural capital last year, it is expected to become popular next July International Children’s Festival), Many artists, sooner or later, the time comes for the Galway races, one of the hits of the historic Celtic music band Dubliners. Famous singer and lyricist Ed Sheeran listened to the Galway Girl video filmed on O’Connell, with millions of views on YouTube.

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Music here is everywhere

Music everywhere in Galway. The water in the river is also a soundtrack Coryb, The river that crosses it before entering Galway Bay.

To mount Salmon Ware Bridge (Project for a second bridge, for pedestrians only), just outside the city, the Coribe flows strongly, creating the final waterfall of its run.

Controlling a lock level, from May to September you can find salmon swimming schools in clear water: they have to go back up to lay their eggs.

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Boats with rusty colored ships

Clean the windshield wipers on rusty colored vessels Great boatTraditional boats accompany the port walk. These boats, which contain a single high flagpole and a jet black hull, are now a little annoyed because of the tar used for waterproofing. Sea voyage.

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Small houses and beaches in Long Walk

Those who arrive in Galway are treated to other sounds: beaches in colorful houses Long walk, walking It connects the City Museum with the port area; The faint sound of footprints echoing through the quiet streets Cladog, A former fishing village on the south bank of the river and the birthplace of the Claddog Ring, a traditional engagement ring, a paternity dispute between an eagle, a former slave and a wealthy Moorish goldsmith who allegedly put it in a woman’s lap.

Ancient Celtic myths

Around the Cladog Ring there are those who invent ancient Celtic myths and those who decide to explore the micro universe. Three islands Acting as a centaur in Galway, in the face of the bay, he soon realizes that there really is something fairy here. Aran Islands They are part of the limestone that forms the barn in County Clare.

If you pronounce their name in Gaelic (Inis More, Inis Machine, Inis Or) The sound hides pure magic. Reach the Atlantic Ocean with the smallest level of rock fragments that seem to be crumbling, such as Inishmore, Inishman, and Inishir.Air Aran Islands (Only five passengers are welcome) Inverin, About thirty miles from Galway. The flight will take a few minutes, advice for that Do not transfer them with a mobile phone in hand to take pictures. No archived file can recreate such a feeling on social networks, and the beauty of feeling free like the seaweed with the crossing will be lost.

The strangest place in the world

Coming by sea is also exciting: you realize that no passport can open universes like the one you land on. The borders of the mainland are almost everywhere, yet, as James Joyce wrote in 1912, “Aran is the strangest place in the world.” Great natural world ruled by wind and bad weather, Clear and smooth horizons, disappearing views, high skies, cloud banks. But it is also a small world of people rulingCareful kindness, It gives slow and careful looks. Where extraordinary unity reigns between the inhabitants and the strong and passionate nature around them.

Niguche chemistry between man and nature

To understand this chemistry, you need to spend at least one night on each island.
This is the only way to walk for hours on the roads, with dry stone walls thick on the border on one side and miles on the other, and on the other, follow. The roar of the waves It breaks on the rocks.

A landscape full of crows and cormorants, sometimes lunar, but surprisingly diverse in spring Wildflowers, In all colors.

Inishmore, welcome to the Gentiles

The most well-known and perhaps the most beautiful is the short-leaved gentian, recognizable by its sparkling blue flower. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people Wildflowers of the Baran and Aran Islands, The best guide to local flora, edited by Charles Nelson, can be easily found in shops in Galway.

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We have rocky alpine plants, Mediterranean species MaidenHair Fences. As farmers around the world shelter their animals during the winter, cows graze here on limestone hot windy slopes, ”she says. Inishmore, The most touristy in Aran.

Wool sweaters

Classic wool sweaters with standard designs are also unavoidable: braid refers to fishermen’s ropes; Basket symbolizing fishing traps; Honey, to represent hard work. One of these sweaters in 2017 Items at MoMA in New York: Fashion Modern? The exhibition showcases 111 items of clothing and accessories that have influenced fashion over the past hundred years.

You can buy it at a store in Inishmore that boasts stunning beaches. Kilmervi Beach, For example: white sand like the Caribbean, picnic spots and water bracing without excessive currents allow the most courageous to swim. A colony of seals lives about ten minutes away on a bicycle. When the tide allows, up to 15 or 20 animals weighing more than 200 kg can be seen exposed to sunlight on the rocks.

Rovin of Dan Ankasa

Near the colony there is a pond where swans and ducks float in calm water. I.S. The narrowest place on the island Less than two kilometers down an unknown road, on the south side of Inishmore, is one of its most famous monuments. in rovine on Dn Aonghasa, Built on top of rock formations, in the late Bronze Age.

Military fortress or religious monument, its origin is uncertain. It is not even known who was an aristocrat who was expelled from the possessions east of the Shannon River. Or King of Cashel, 5th century, County Tipperary. There are many hypotheses, but the purpose of the proposed platform, the concentric walls, a plant resembling a cavalry, and an open side of a hillside, remains a mystery.
This gives charm to this magical place. Imagination can run freely, with the feeling of being rippled around the edge of the world as it crosses the ruins …

Small graveyard and constant waves

The origin of the hives is also unknown, medieval stone houses, oval on the outside and square on the inside (best preserved nearby) Kilmervi Beach). The cimitero Cill inne, An eastern end of the island, an evening postcard: timeless tombs adorned with long grass, ornate crosses blown by the wind, a small church, half buried in the sand, where the rosary of voices can be heard. It never ends, the waves crashing on the beach.

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Rocks are a work of art

Site checking is mandatory Wormol, Unusual natural rock formation. Paste is said to be the reptile sea monster of Gaelic folklore. Seawater flows into it through an underground cave, or fills it from above when the tide is strong. It has become popular in recent years Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition. Participants fall directly into a rectangular-shaped natural pool, where the icy Atlantic descends and flows to the bottom of the cliffs.

Inishman, Middle Island

Like the other islands, the central island of Inishman has more sheep than its inhabitants. It was a favorite of the Irish playwright John Millington Sing, Arrived there on the advice of the poet William Butler Yeats. Here, between 1898 and 1902, he spent his summers in a hut, which now bears his name (which faces the climb from the pier), and was the inspiration for some of the works from the stories and legends heard on the island.

His favorite place of reflection was a stone bench (now baptized) Chair of Sinjai) Not too far from the rocks. He sat there for hours. Alone, silently, the roar of the waves can be heard. A path starts from the hut where Sinje lived and leads to Teach Sinje, one of the most impressive forts on the Aran Islands, Dan Conchire.

Inisheer is the smallest of the three islands

Inishir is the smallest of the three islands in the archipelago: three kilometers wide by the same length. It can be found on foot or by bike. On the east, high Finnish Rock, You encounter rusty destruction Plassey, A fishing boat in the 1960s Gulf of Galway When it hits the rock Finnis In a storm.

The crew was rescued and the ship remained on site For weeks, until another storm came and fell to the ground. Plassey is said to have carried whiskey, stained glass, and yarn. The boat also had modern toilets and biscuits that some islanders had never seen before.

The lighthouse and the slopes of the Mohar

On the opposite side of the island is a lighthouse that you can enjoy across the ocean. The slopes of the mohair. At sunset, the colors range from golden yellow to bright orange. This is the perfect time to rethink the cruelty of the Atlantic wind, the power of the sea, and the mysteries of nature. After all, the magic of space.

In the photo: A lighthouse marks the southwest coast of the smallest Inishere in the Aran Islands: the archipelago faces Galway Bay.

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