A teacher in the U.S. has been reprimanded for imitating and mocking locals; Watch Video | The world

A teacher in the U.S. has been reprimanded for imitating and mocking locals;  Watch Video |  The world

A high school math teacher in California, USAAccording to U.S. Press Vehicle reports, a video of a man wearing a fake headscarf that mimics and ridiculed locals was removed after it appeared.

The video was released on Wednesday (19). In it, the teacher shouts the word “Sohkahtova” like a native cry – “Sohkahtova” means sine (divided by hypotenuse on the opposite side), cosine (divided by hypotenuse), and tangent (divided by the opposite side on the opposite side).

The teacher kicks her legs, jumps and dances in a manner similar to the local rituals. She mentions “water god” and “rock god”, which may be an attempt at humor.

According to the “Los Angeles Times”, the agency responsible for schools in the area said the teacher’s actions did not represent the district’s values.

There was a meeting to talk about the incident, and many claimed the teacher’s revelation was racist.

The teaching agency stated that her behavior was “absolutely unacceptable and degrading to Native Americans.”

The teachers’ union said it was disappointed with the teacher.

The director of a local rights group in Southern California told the Los Angeles Times that people reacted a little angrily because the teacher’s actions were considered disrespectful.

In California, students entering high school by 2030 must have a semester of ethnic studies before graduation.

The video was released by a local study student

The video was recorded by a student from the locality and posted on a social network on the profile of a woman named Akale Brown.

Buzzfeed News Brown caught. She is a Native People’s Studies student at the University of California who received the video of the person who recorded it. She said this kind of behavior is unacceptable and that adults in the local community should say something about the math teacher’s dance.

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