A sunlight twice the width of the Earth would unexpectedly unleash a direct “explosion”!

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A sunlight appeared on the surface of the sun, warning “big” astronomers that it could cause an “explosion” directly to Earth.

NASA satellites have observed a large amount of sunlight on the Sun’s surface. The width of sunlight is twice the width of the earth. As the Earth moves around the host star, sunlight can emit a solar flare towards us.

Space Weather, an astronomy website, said: “A new sunlight appears on the northeastern tip of the sun, which is large.

Sunspots, also known as dark spots in sunlight, are generally cooler than other stars.

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The solar storm hits the earth and creates a light show from Aurora Boralis

Experts say it’s cold, and the average sunlight temperature is still above 3,500 degrees Celsius – even though it’s about 5,500 degrees Celsius above the sun’s surface.

They are usually cold because sunlight is in areas with strong magnetic fields.

However, as the magnetic field expands, the pressure in the sunlight increases and it explodes into a solar flare.

Solar storms are relatively harmless to Earth.

The bombardment of magnetic particles usually results in the formation of auroras as they exit our planet’s magnetic shield.

However, at times, a solar storm can be strong enough to affect the earth’s moons.

The strong barrage of particles causes the magnetic field known as the magnetic field to expand and penetrate the satellite signals.

The last major storm was in 1989 in Quebec, Canada, causing a major solar storm.

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