A successful trip to Ireland for Agen Village

A successful trip to Ireland for Agen Village

Celtic Land’s Agen Village and its music flight was a huge success this Friday evening.

Julien Loco’s quintet of Irish music took an audience of four hundred and fifty across the Channel, who sat in front of the Town Hall on the Place du Doctor Esquirol and on the terrace of the CafĂ© des Arts.

Julian Loco and company have mastered Celtic music and this feverish traditional music literally wins you over. The agenas danced till 11 pm. Beyond the well-known classics, the artist revealed his enchanting universe through his own compositions.

This evening spotlights women with local artisans or associations such as La Meche and Family Planning. Also noteworthy was the exhibition “Lot-et-Garonne Women’s Engaged Citizens” in collaboration with the departmental archives.

A big festive success for the Movement Jeunes Monte le Zone before the atmosphere changes next week.

From Ireland to the American West, from folk to blues, from rock to country, through French song, the “folk and roll” duo Blue Charette invites you on a musical journey with multiple inspirations as you wait for the night. When night falls, spectators can stay comfortably alone or attend a screening of a family comedy “Les Touches”. A large outdoor screen will be installed.

Friday August 5 from 7pm to 11pm. Place Wilson – Refreshment bar on site and restaurant nearby.
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