A study needed to live with enthusiasm

A study needed to live with enthusiasm

A few days before the Christmas holidays, you can see that change Atmosphere: Festive, merry, positive. We all enjoy these days more or less, it’s holidays, dinner with friends, spending time with family … but positive thoughts really change the way we see the world, it should be our habit, our reality, our habit. To live with that myth Not just at Christmas, but those around us are affected by that feeling of optimism, joy and excitement and create a relatively happy atmosphere.

Being an animated person is not without more than traditional luggage: it is something gained through repeated effort

Optimism is a good way to do that Realize the reality. Being an animated person is something I have learned, it’s a Personal work that spends time, A handicraft work. It’s not just in traditional luggage: it’s something that is achieved through repeated effort. It is an education of the psychological perspective that records the negatives and positives of each situation, but the second is to know and guide how to proceed further. Think about what can and cannot be changed. It provides with a fair idea about the importance of repairing a bad credit line. Education, however, is to seduce with value, to make one a more independent person. Education is about teaching to think. Culture teaches us how to live.


Yes we know Manage our memory Proper understanding, we have more data, always a The positive angle of reality, An area where we need to hide to see the good part of ourselves and our environment. It requires willingness and patience. The first is determination; Second, learn how to wait and how to proceed.

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Put high beams

It puts on an intelligent look Medium and long term care, Not immediately. High beams should be placed on the road. In this way, there are strong failures that turn into real successes after a certain period of time. Not there Come on down When the journey is difficult or does not go as expected. You must grow in spite of difficulties, Endure, fight, strive, push, resurrect. With a little practice, it gradually becomes a second nature.

Gladiator Sailboat during the Rolex TP52 World 52 Regatta (EFE / Cati Cladera)

You have to give up two completely Basic Notes of the Pessimist: The Failure, Nothing but foresight that things will go wrong; as well as VictimBelieve that someone is always hurting and hurting, things are like that, they always go that route. Winston Churchill said, “The optimist sees an opportunity in every tragedy.” Life is like sailing: the pessimist complains about the wind; The optimist hopes it will change Arrange the ships realistically.

Optimism is art Live with hope. This method of seeing these objects facing the world helps us to get closer to a Reasonable happiness, It has a good ratio of reality and dreams. The Happiness It is based on a positive mental attitude, a hard effort to live in self-harmony; That path is paved by gradually resolving the contradictory background that lingers in all of us.

It is important to know what you want, where to go and what to follow

When we discover the complexity of existence, we realize that happiness does not depend on reality, but on reality. Interpretation of reality Someone does it. Our personal journey It cannot be like a ship in motion God forsakes. That’s why it’s important to know what you want, where you are going and what you are pursuing. If emotions are intermediaries between instincts and reason, then happiness is the sum and summary of authentic life.

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Universal Call

Happiness is a universal calling of every human being. Every human being wants to achieve happiness above all else, but Some people really get it. It gives the impression that happiness does not belong to this world. It’s like a fleeting thing circulating around us, but it never attacks us internally. Remember that happiness is a state of mind, it is a Subjective experience, Interior, analyzes one’s own life and distinguishes positive (happy) or negative (unhappy) impression from it.

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Being happy is a state of being achieved and achieved, an operation performed by man, thanks to it Personality-made, firm, solid, stamp of its own, Through which he seems to have realized, effortlessly, contentedly, calmly, in inner peace.

There is a technology of happiness that leads us to resume the dialogue between the real and the ideal; Desirable and impossible. Life Project is nothing more than looking forward to the future by programming around a mix of three basic ingredients: Love, Work and culture. These will be the essential notes that define it. If happiness is a project, future, or expectation, it means that happiness lies in living with illusions, moving forward and living with hope.

Knowing this, I will like it New Year’s goal With the goal of getting it, we see things happening in a different way Optimism It leads us to what we seek for our whole being: happiness.

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