A student admits that history was discovered as a result of the beheading of a teacher in France; Understand the case

A student admits that history was discovered as a result of the beheading of a teacher in France;  Understand the case

France is shocked by the assassination of Professor Samuel Patty, who beheaded a radical Islamist last October. Authorities in the country said on Monday that the death was caused by a lie told by one of his 13-year-old students. “One reality is that it is as cruel as a revolution.” The Parisian newspaper was removed.

Weeks before the murder, the girl’s parents and students at the Confluence-Saint-Honorine School on the outskirts of Paris provoked a violent riot. They allege that the professor promoted Islamophobia in the classroom after teaching about freedom of expression by showing controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published by the satirical daily Charlie Hebdo. The student told her father and then the police that Samuel had asked the Muslim students to leave the class. In the first edition, they claimed to have refused to comply with the order and argued with Samuel until he was expelled.

The girl’s serious allegation caused her father to record a video, which went viral on social media. In the recording, he called Samuel Patty a “thief” and released his cell phone number and school address. He also lodged a complaint with the police against the teacher for “spreading pornography” and testified about the controversy.

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Four days before he died, the professor defended himself and claimed to be the victim of a lie created by the student. Samuel claimed at the time that there was no girl in the class. She made up a story based on the rumors of her colleagues. This is a false statement aimed at tarnishing the image of the teacher, school and education that I represent as an institution., An excerpt from the interrogation was released by Fran‌ois. An 18-year-old boy killed a dog near a school. Police were seriously injured in a neighboring town.

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Samuel Patty told police he was the victim of a lie found by the student. Photo: Reproduction

The student was questioned several times during the investigation. That’s when she started changing versions of what was supposed to happen. Finally, in November, she admitted that she did not attend the unfortunate class, which was confirmed by the testimonies of other students. She also clarified that the teacher never kicked anyone out of the classroom. On the other hand, before showing the caricatures, the teacher warned the young people that if they were shocked by the pictures, they could close their eyes.

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Police are still trying to figure out what caused the student to lie and how bad it was to keep the fantasy story alive, even with the many negative things that happened with Samuel Patty. Authorities believe she tried to value her father because the school has a “Grade 10” twin sister. In contrast, adolescents have a history of many abuses and exclusions of arrogant behavior.

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