A storm and hail from the heat – within a few hours the temperature dropped drastically

A storm and hail from the heat - within a few hours the temperature dropped drastically

The weather in Hungary is also busy: extreme heat, hail, strong winds and a small hurricane on Friday. Most parts of the country are still on high alert for thunder and lightning, but the weather will be calm by Saturday morning. At the same time, those who are sensitive to the harsh weather are discouraged, and those with heart disease now need to be very careful, he told M1 News.

There was not a single day of the week that the thermometer measured temperatures below 30 degrees, and on a hot day, the thermometer’s mercury thread crawled up to 40 degrees. It was very hot Across the country on Friday afternoon. Within a few hours the temperature had cooled to 33 to 19 degrees Celsius.

Many parts of the country need to be prepared for strong thunderstorms and hail. Part of the counties of Baranya, Somogi, and Tolna A third-degree alarm was sounded early in the morning following a strong thunderstorm. There is a nationwide warning. Storm, The wind is blowing at a speed of 100 to 120 kilometers per hour They can be too.

Extreme heat, gusts of wind, hail, hurricanes, cooling over 10 degrees: all in just 12 hours. Those who are sensitive to the ground can prepare for a difficult night, and the harsh weather now makes them particularly tired.

The longer the time the lighter the weight, the more another front effect is expected soon. About the current weather warnings and the path of the storm On the National Weather Service website They can be kept up to date.

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