A St. Patrick’s Day in Northern Ireland

A St. Patrick's Day in Northern Ireland

There are events in life that we need to discover at least once. After two empty years, St. Patrick’s Day is at the top of the to-do list. To find the 5 “must-haves” that honor the history and folklore of the 3-leaf country, head to Belfast, the northern capital just a few kilometers from one of the nation’s iconic distilleries.

2 p.m .: A climb on Giants Causeway

Step 1: Irrigate the beauty of Irish nature. Go to the north coast of Ireland in County Antrim, take a deep breath of the sea air and relax your feet on an unusual site: Giants Causeway. In the Extraordinary Landscape category, we serve! Formed by volcanic lava flowing into the sea four millennia ago, the path is paved with 40,000 basalt rocks up to 12 meters high. Legend has it that Finn McCool, the hero of Irish mythology, went on to injure another Scottish giant, Benandoner, and beat him up. This unusual decoration in relief completes the majesty of the site with a group of animals now living more peacefully. A place of comfort!

4pm: Immerse yourself in the history of Irish whiskey at the legendary Bushmills distillery

After the natural stage, in the heart of the local culture, a stopover is 3 km from the Giants Causeway in the town of Bushmills. The oldest distillery in the world was born here in 1608. Ignored by malt kilns like the pagoda, it is impossible to miss this impressive Scottish-style building! Welcome to this Irish Whiskey Temple that is admired by connoisseurs from all over the world. Visiting this distillery is an opportunity to discover its manufacturing process, as well as its people who perpetuate the 400-year-old knowledge. In the pure Irish tradition, its master distillers are trained there, a triple distillation, which gives birth to a malt that tastes great with a fruity taste. Distillery visits are hampered by different stages of production: brewing, fermentation, distillation of fine stills with patinated copper, aging in the middle of rows of oak barrels, and mixing. Of course, the best for the last one: tasting! Bushmills Original, with notes of fruit, spicy vanilla for neophyte palettes, and a heart-pounding 16-year-old bushmill: Sherry Oloroso and Bourbon to finish in the ex-barrel. An explosion of joy and passionate notes. https://www.bushmills.eu/en/

6pm: Meeting for an aperitif in a colorful pub of St. Patrick’s Day

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This is the long awaited time to land in the best place in the city. Direction to the cathedral district, famous for its pubs and bars that display all Irish folklore. Go to the address “thirsty goat” (thirsty goat in French) with a beautiful green face, a picture of a goat pushing the barrel with its horns, and a golden mark, recommended by various travelers who wear it. The famous green leprosy hat. That’s a good sign! Opened in 2017, the pub steps out of one of Belfast’s most famous hotels, The Merchant Hotel, and takes over the walls of a historic 18th century building. The thirsty goat has plenty of assets to enjoy: beautiful woodwork, dim lighting, live music that takes your breath away every evening, an Irish atmosphere, and one of the most beautiful terraces in town. Temperate climate. Definitely a list of drinks that are about an arm’s length long and of good quality. Bushmills Black Bush Whiskey This long drink like cocktail made with lemon juice and sprite is very coveted here. 1 Hill Street, Belfast. thethirstygoat.co.uk

8:00 pm: Dinner with a feast of Irish dishes and whiskey

Irish culture is famous for its gastronomy. Opportunity to find a city trip to Belfast The food is delicious with local flavors and local malt cuisine. Appointment before the parade continues at “Mc Hugh’s bar”. Camping in a historic district, this Mecca in Belfast has been home to the city’s oldest house since 1711. Over the centuries, this pub has seen some important moments in the history of the capital. Today, the place retains its Georgian style, giving it its charm: large solid oak beams and low ceilings. The establishment is known for its generous and local cuisine and extensive whiskey list. On the St. Patrick’s Day menu: Delicious Irish specialties: smoked haddock with grilled smoked haddock to enjoy with Belfast ham, fried eggs, stale cheddar, or 21-year-old bushmill. Old single malt in pieces previously prepared with sherry and oleoresin bourbon. A unique taste that mixes dates and raisins, and the mint and liqueur are a blast! 29 – 31 Queen’s Square, mchughsbar.com

10pm: Music after dinner to end St. Patrick’s Day

The city of Northern Ireland is full of great concert halls to delight your ears with Celtic or rock music. Their event on St. Patrick’s Day is even richer, especially at Belfast Empire, an institution that enjoys a good reputation among music lovers. The originality of the place? The concert hall is housed in an old 19th century church with a vintage decor that looks stunning: a Victorian – style facade and a western film saloon – like bar. The Belfast Empire brings the whole of Belfast to its diverse musical careers, as well as its dynamic comedy club throughout the summer. The best bands from all walks of life will be programmed for St.-Patrick’s Day. To mark the gap between the two titles of the artists, the bar menu offers a wide range of Irish whiskeys. Close your eyes and choose: an old malt in port casks with a fragrant bouquet of 10-year-old bushmills, vanilla, chocolate and roasted wood. Long live St. Patrick’s Day! 42 Botanical Avenue, Belfast. www.thebelfastempire.com

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