A spacecraft picks up a “strange hum” outside the Solar System

A spacecraft picks up a "strange hum" outside the Solar System

Voyager 1 is a man-made object launched to the edge of the Solar System 44 years ago. Kraft travels between stars and finds details of what it describes Solar System.

Spacecraft instruments have been able to detect sounds that look like “cosmic sounds” outside our solar system.

The astronauts said, “interstellar gases” or Plasma waves Located in the large empty interstellar space.

“It’s very dim and monotonous because it’s in a narrow band,” said Stella Koch, a PhD student at Cornell University in astronomy. “We are observing the faint and continuous sounds of gas from time to time,” she added. Stars“.

The results indicate that more interstellar gases are occurring than previously thought by scientists. Scientists are not sure about the low level of activity that causes noise, but suggest that it may be the result of “thermally excited plasma oscillations”.

The researchers hope to use the drone to understand how the so-called “interstellar medium” interacts with the boundaries of the solar system and how these boundaries, known as the heliosphere, form in the wider interstellar environment.

Professor James Cordes, the lead author of the study, said Astronomy: “Interstellar medium is similar to calm or calm rain.” “When there is a solar explosion, it’s equivalent to detecting a lightning explosion and returning it to light rain,” he added.

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