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A sophisticated Tunisian invention to help farmers and double production

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The renewal of this project comes at a time when the Tunisian farmer is suffering the consequences Climate change and drought

In the modern process, an airplane flies The drone Large areas of agricultural land to survey and identify problems with trees and plants.

The drone is equipped with spectral imaging and artificial intelligence.

The technology was invented by a Tunisian startup with the aim of helping farmers restore the health of their crops and save valuable crops.

Innovators say the company’s algorithms can predict tree diseases, identify over- or under-watered plants, and even ration water use.

Today, when the farmer suffers from the consequences of climate change, especially drought, wastage of water in irrigation works seems urgent.

Needless to say, agriculture accounts for 80 percent of the water used in Tunisia, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries.

Iman Habiri, the company’s founding partner, said the company’s founding partner, Iman Habiri, is facing many problems due to climate change, including drought and the emergence of new diseases, which the farmer does not know how to deal with.

Project organizers emphasize that the lack of land control and the adoption of modern farming methods increase the farmer’s costs and reduce profit margins.

The innovation of this technology comes at a time when forecasts in Tunisia indicate prolonged drought, reduced water resources and an increase in the number of fires over the next decade.

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