A small amount of scientific news

A small amount of scientific news

A few milligrams of all the scientific news of the week

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Election of Japan

The first inhabitants of Japan did not arrive there by chance 30,000 years ago, but by deliberate determination. This was the conclusion of paleontologists at the University of Tokyo, who reconstructed the canons of the time and examined whether it was possible to move from Taiwan to Japan following the current currents. This is not the case, Japanese researchers conclude in the journal in early November. Scientific reports.

Quiz: What did Irish paleontologists discover about this Albert dinosaur?

Photo by the Royal Ontario Museum

Parasurolophos from the Royal Ontario Museum, discovered in 1920 in Alberta

He died after receiving a tree on his head. Biopaleontologists at Queen’s University of Belfast analyze injuries Parasaurolofus In the Royal Ontario Museum (Rome), a species that often appears in dinosaur movies because of its neck, slender legs, and head. Rome model first discovered in 1920 in Alberta. Irish researchers observed significant injuries to his upper vertebrae, which may have been caused only by a very heavy object, probably in early December when a tree was torn down by a storm. Journal of Anatomy.

1,100 billion tons

Photo by Martin Tremblay, Press Archives

Biologists at the Weissmann Institute for Science estimate that 95 percent of the material produced by man is concrete, like gravel.

According to a new Israeli study published in mid-December, this is the amount of man-made material on the planet. Nature. This is the first time that the amount of organic matter, i.e. organisms, from microorganisms to animals to plants has been exceeded. Biologists at the Weissmann Institute for Science estimate that 95 percent of the material produced by man is concrete, like gravel.

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The Golden City of the Amazon?

Photo by Marty Persinan

The site has been owned by the Severno Callasans site in Brazil for about 10,000 years.

Cities have been established in the heart of the Amazon rainforest for 10,000 years, according to a new study by Brazilian and Finnish paleontologists. In 2002, these researchers demonstrated the existence of a modern civilization in the southwestern Acres region of the Amazon. They performed in mid-November at the review Ancient times For ten thousand years man has burned forests to build villages and towns.

Black moons

Japanese astronomers conclude that black painting of moons interferes with the work of astronomers. In LJournal of Astronomy, In mid-November, researchers at the Ishigakijima Observatory in Okinawa estimated that black paint halved the reflection of moons in low orbit. Astronomers are concerned about the reflection of orbiting satellites, with SpaceX making its Starlink satellite Internet service available to 42,000 satellites, of which about 1,000 have already been launched.

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