A small amount of scientific news

A small amount of scientific news

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Matthew Periolt

Matthew Periolt

Scout of the Red Planet

Helicopter Great Collects evidence of its use for Mars exploration. NASA has decided to continue using the four test flights scheduled for April and May Great To help the rover Perseverance To find the best routes from a scientific and safe point of view. Great During the ninth flight on July 5, the sandy area of ​​Sata (after the Navajo word for sand) was discovered to be impassable, and a group of rocks with more than 10 of his detailed descriptions were found.E Flight, July 24. This group of rocks, known as the Raised Hills, is now added to the route Perseverance.


What did archaeologists find in these 3,500 year old Nigerian statues?

Photo provided by Geetha University

3,500 year old Nok statue statues

The first prehistoric evidence of honey hunting in sub-Saharan Africa. This method, found in cave paintings over 8000 years old, has been described by medieval European and Arab writers, but there is no direct evidence of the use of honey prior to European colonization. Archaeologists at the University of Bristol in England and the University of Goethe in Frankfurt have analyzed the 3,500-year-old Nokian pottery, the beginning of this Nigerian civilization, and described the elements of honey in the journal. Natural communications Last April. Beekeeping was known as Pharaonic Egypt, but arrived in sub-Saharan Africa only 500 years ago. Hence the honey was collected from wild hives.

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1 billion years

Image courtesy of the University of Barcelona

Constellation Palomer 5, tails on both sides. The center is 130 light-years wide and the tails are 11,000 light-years long on both sides.

This is the lifespan of the Palomer 5 star cluster, which swallows 124 black holes from the inside. Located 65,000 light-years from Earth, Palomer 5, discovered in 1950, is one of 150 Milky Way galaxies. These are areas where millions of stars have accumulated. Palomer 5 has a special feature: the “tails” in its center, from which the stars escape. In Natural astronomyIn early July, astronomers from the University of Barcelona conclude that these stars are being ejected by the expansion of abnormally high black holes.

Erebus identified the victim

Image courtesy of Diana Trepkov / University of Waterloo

John Gregory’s skull and face reconstruction

The remains of an HMS officer ErbusOne of the two ships of the British Franklin expedition that disappeared in the Arctic 170 years ago has just been officially identified. She was found dead in 2013 along with two other bodies on King William Island in Nunavut. Archaeologists at the University of Waterloo published their findings in April Polar record, Compared the DNA of a corpse to the descendant of John Gregory, who lived in South Africa. Remnants ofErbus Discovered in 2014, but the tombs of dozens of sailors and officials have previously been found on the island. The crew abandoned the ice-frozen ship.

Memory hunt in orbit

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Duplicate of the satellite Prospero, At the Science Museum in London, built on the failure of the first launch.

A Scottish company wants to reclaim a satellite launched in 1971 to be displayed in a museum. Experimental satellite Prospero Has the distinction of being the only person to launch a British rocket, Black arrow. Skyrora, which has been testing rockets since 2018, announced their plan at a space show in Farnborough in early July. She has already brought the wreckage of the rocket from Australia Black arrow Launched ProsperoIt has been silent since 2004. Skyrora wants to use technology from the Japanese company Astroscale, which is currently testing an out-of-service satellite capture module in orbit. Black arrow Three test flights were conducted, after which only one operational flight was launched Prospero. The British government had calculated that it would be cheaper to use American rockets to launch their satellites.

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