A shock, 5,000 copies … “never seen before” – Libero Quottidiano

A shock, 5,000 copies ... "never seen before" - Libero Quottidiano

A strange and painful case 9 thousand racing pigeons It was left out Peterborough, Nell Cambridgeshire, A journey north-east should take about three hours. It’s about 9,000 pigeons About five thousand people are missing. The bird group was part of an event across Great Britain that included 250,000 birds plucked from 50 different locations.

Thousands are missing as mentioned. Frustrated Richard Sayers, A breeder, takes it out of Facebook: “One of the worst days in our history“. It was a return flight About 270 km, The simple path to a carrier pigeon. But clearly something strange happened.

Experts say that is for sure Geomagnetic storm The weather forecast was favorable but confused them. The thing is racing pigeons They usually navigate as a “satellite navigator” using the Earth’s magnetic fieldHowever, a strong activity in the sun can cause a geomagnetic storm.

This is just a theory. The truth is that experts have not encountered such a phenomenon. Cyrus always spends himself on an appeal: “Someone might find a pigeon in their garden. Please do not ignore this, provide water and seeds To help him on his way. “It was not difficult to identify the birds in that group because everyone had a ring around their legs.

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