A Russian spy has exposed himself while trying to infiltrate the International Criminal Court

A Russian spy has exposed himself while trying to infiltrate the International Criminal Court

This is a spy story worthy of a movie script. A Russian agent is currently under arrest in the Netherlands. Sergei Vladimirovich Cherkasov, his real name, has lived in the wrong identity for years: Brazilian. He recently tried to disguise himself as an intern to infiltrate the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands. There was this spy A whole epic was discovered Had reached the final stage of its mission.

Pamela Anderson’s poster on the doorstep of her first weird job as a Brazilian mechanic, her hateful fish, pneumonia-stricken mother who died of pneumonia, the aunt who presented her with a missile and a medal, and the address of his favorite restaurant. In one document, we find the whole life of Cherkassov, who invented himself under the name of Victor Ferreira, four pages which he kept to memorize his wrong life.

Sec For twelve years Russia has carried out incredible transformational operations in Brazil, Ireland and the United States.. He graduated with a degree in political science and another in American foreign policy. His professor even wrote him a letter of recommendation for this internship at the International Criminal Court. “I recommended a Russian spy,” he regrets today. Cherkasov, who was arrested at Amsterdam airport, was soon deported to Brazil, where he will face trial.

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