A quadriplegic passenger on a flight to London was forgotten for more than an hour and a half.

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Victoria Brignell (Attribution: Reconstruction / Social Media)

Victoria Brignell, who lives in London, England, is quadriplegic, so she suffers from lower neck paralysis. Recently, she went through an awkward situation when she was alone on the plane for more than an hour and a half. Due to the repercussions, Gatwick Airport, located in the English capital, sent an apology. Information from O Globo.

Victoria said she was initially told that she would have to wait 50 minutes on the plane to help a team come and go.

However, she had to wait longer as no one came. Shortly after landing, the BA airline staff came up to me and said sorry, but the people who had to help me off the plane were not there for 50 minutes. Time passed and I was told it could take another half hour on top of that. In the end, I waited for an hour and 35 minutes.

Victoria stressed that she had rented a disability support service three months ago and reminded the airline two weeks before the trip.

Victoria could not use the bathroom because she was waiting inside the plane.

“I can not use my arms or legs. To get off a plane, I need two people to lower me from a seat in a corridor chair, which is a narrow wheelchair specially designed to push me through the corridor of the plane and seat me in my wheelchair next to it. , ”He explained.

After all the inconvenience, a Gatwick airport spokesman said Victoria’s treatment was “unacceptable and I sincerely apologize”.

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