A police officer stopped a taxi that did not turn on the light and found it to be an autonomous car

A police officer stopped a taxi that did not turn on the light and found it to be an autonomous car

The taxi “ran away” from the police and stopped again a few meters later. The good news: It came out without a report

It is not uncommon for a police officer to park a car on the sidewalk in violation of traffic rules. But every day a policeman stops the car because the light is off and finds nothing in the driver’s seat. After all, this is an autonomous taxi.

And he was released without a report

A few meters before a traffic light on a San Francisco street, an official stopped Cruise’s autonomous vehicle, a subsidiary of GM, without knowing it was an autonomous vehicle. He approached the driver who was not present and as soon as he realized that there was no one in the vehicle he tried unsuccessfully to open the door and he returned to his vehicle. From there it was like the beginning of the hunt we had all been waiting for – in which the police would chase an autonomous vehicle around the city in the style of the 1994 Ozzy Simpson chase.

In practice, it was less dramatic and the vehicle stopped a few feet after the traffic light. Officers got into the vehicle and followed him, trying to figure out how they could communicate with the vehicle operator until they stopped him. A Cruz spokesman said the driver was only looking for a safe place to park, so he continued driving despite being stopped by police. The spokesman confirmed that the vehicle was stopped because he was driving without a light, although he did not try to flatter the police officer – he was able to escape the incident without receiving a report. According to a Cruise spokesperson, the company has also created a special number for police officers who need help working with the company’s autonomous vehicles – so the process runs as smoothly as possible.

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More stories like that are waiting for you now
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