“A plane is not because a Caribbean volcano erupted

"A plane is not because a Caribbean volcano erupted

Scientists say the eruption of the Sufrier in St. Vincent and the resumption of activity on Mount Pel in Martinique are coincidental.

Scientists in Trinidad have found a change in seismic activity days ago.

There have been a few small explosions since Thursday (April 8, 2021), followed by the first major explosion on Friday morning (April 9, 2021 at 8:40 am).

“AAscended to a height of 10 km in the atmosphere with an ash plume. “, Lecturer volcanologist at Sorbonne University, underscores An-Marie Legion, a former member of the scientific team at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory.

All scientists at the Belmont Observatory in St. Vincent study seismic records, but the future cannot be predicted …

We cannot predict what will happen in the coming days. The chances of more explosions are high, but after a few days the idiots may end. Only 24-hour observation is allowed to consider possible circumstances.

Ann Mary Legion

St. Vincent’s Soufrier Volcano is an eruption type with a subduction zone like all volcanoes in the Lesser Antilles Arc. In 1812 and 1902 there were two major eruptions.

In 1902, 1,600 people were killed, just days before the devastating eruption of Mount Pel in Martinique.

La Sofrier has not known an explosion since 1979.

Scientists confirm that there is no connection between the Pel volcano in Martinique and the Suffrier in St. Vincent.

(Again) See Report by Dolphin Bess and Thierry Mysennev.

According to scientists, there is no connection between Pel and Soufrier

The Caribbean volcanoes are not interconnected. The only thing in common is the Deep Magma Production Zone, which is connected to the Lesser Antilles Arc subdivision. But the magma storage areas under each volcano are completely free.

Just because a Caribbean volcano erupts does not mean that a neighboring volcano will erupt. It is essential to carefully monitor every volcano in the Caribbean.

Ann-Marie Legion, lecturer at Sorbonne University, is a volcanologist and former member of the scientific team at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory.

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