A new stalk of the carnivorous plant (Trianta) with a unique sticky inflorescence trap

A new stalk of the carnivorous plant (Trianta) with a unique sticky inflorescence trap


Since Darwin’s revolutionary study of carnivores, scientists have identified only 11 independent carnivorous origins. We report a new strain of carnivorous plants that represent the flowers of North America West Trianta. Between monoliths, Trianta This is the only example of a sticky trap mechanism characteristic of enzymatic secretion corresponding to predatory digestion and a clearly documented case of holocarnivore. Their traps are unique and unpredictable among carnivores, placing all places where they catch prey next to flowers pollinated by insects. Because of existence Trianta Our study serves as a reminder that in the vicinity of large urban centers along the Pacific coast, other hidden carnivores have yet to be found.


Carnivores use it to get mineral nutrients that animal digestible nutrients do not get here, we report it West Trianta (Tofieldiaceae) is a previously neglected carnivorous subspecies that catches insects in sticky inflorescences. Field experiments, isotopic data, and mixed patterns show significant transfer of nitrogen from prey Trianta, 64% of the N leaf obtained from predators in previous years, compared to the reduced amount for a recognized carnivorous wicker leaf plant. The flowers and fruits obtained from carnivores are exported from the development and eventually transferred to the leaves of the following year. The filaments in the glands of the flower secrete phosphatase, as seen in all carnivores that digest the prey directly. Trianta Contrary to theory, it is considered unique among carnivores in catching prey only with sticky traps attached to flowers. However, its glandular threads only catch small insects such as large bees and butterflies, which act as pollinators, reducing the conflict between meat and pollination.

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