A new NASA photo shows the “violent energy” of our galaxy / “This is evidence of a continuum of magnetic field reconnection” – Space

A new NASA photo shows the "violent energy" of our galaxy / "This is evidence of a continuum of magnetic field reconnection" - Space
After two decades of research, NASA has released an image describing the “violent energy” that is not found at the center of our galaxy. CNN.

The stunning panorama was compiled using data from NASA’s Lunar X – Ray Observatory and the Mirkat Radio Telescope in South Africa.

The X-ray wire, known as G0.17-0.41, is recorded in the images, and the researchers suggest a system that can control the flow of energy and even the evolution of the Milky Way.

“The galaxy is like an ecosystem,” said Daniel Wang, an astronomer at Amherst University in Massachusetts. “We know where the center of the galaxy is and how it plays a major role in their evolution.”

It is difficult to study our own galaxy because it is covered with gas and dust. The low – energy X – rays were red, the intermediate energy radiation was green, and the high energy radiation was blue, which the researchers were able to access using the lunar X – ray observatory.

The research, published in the Royal Astronomical Society’s monthly publications, provides a clear picture of the area near the black hole in the center of the galaxy up to the date of a pair of X – ray panels.

Researchers were particularly interested in the X-ray wire G0.17-0.41, which, according to Wang, “reveals a new phenomenon.”

“This is evidence of the event of a continuous magnetic field reconnecting.” Wang writes only about the “edge of the iceberg that reconnects”.

When the magnetic fields are strongly resistive and emit a large amount of energy, the magnetic field reconnects. These events produce Northern Lights and cause phenomena such as solar flares.

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“This is a violent trial,” Wang said.

As shown in the simulations above, the magnetic field lines are twisted and joined so that every day the magnet reconnects around the earth. It happens in different ways and in different places with different effects. Particles in ionized gases, i.e., transform into plasma and cause powerful explosions in a fraction of a second. This leads to an influx of electrons flying at supersonic speeds.

Magnetic recombination takes place in the Sun and the universe, and in all cases involves strong pulses with particles leading to most of the change we see in dynamic cosmic environments.

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