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A new, more useful subscription

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The rumors were true! Xbox Game Pass is launching a new subscription that finally lets you share your account with multiple people. Here are all the first official details.

Today, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the best offering in the world of video games. However, Microsoft will find a way to make it more useful with a family version where the subscription can be shared with several other accounts.

Xbox Game Pass Family Launches!

Microsoft’s new spearhead, Xbox Game Pass, has established itself as the unmissable service in the region. Between its quality monthly additions, its first-day releases, access to multiplayer or the EA Play catalog, “Netflix” with gaming sauce already has no shortage of persuasive arguments. There’s just one feature missing: the ability to share your subscription with family members, like video and music streaming services. It will happen soon.

No need to enjoy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Solo! The green brand has launched a trial of a new, more expensive but shareable subscription. The much-rumored family offering is currently available for trial in Colombia and Ireland, but will be arriving in other territories soon. More specifically, this Xbox Game Pass family allows you to share your subscription with four other Microsoft accounts. They will have the same qualities individually, but each can manage their backups, their list of favorites, and their set of features as they see fit.

This new subscription appears to have no household restrictions. Microsoft encourages you to share it with friends as well as family members. At the moment, this package is being marketed for €21.99 per month in Ireland, compared to €12.99 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you already have a subscription, Microsoft will prorate the upgrade. In other words, if you have two months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate running, it will entitle you to the “Family” offer for about a month. A large-scale deployment date has not been announced, but it will be soon.

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