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A new Google Pixel feature awaits you

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  • Google adds a new feature that unblocks.
  • Hold for Me uses Google Assistant to wait for a call and find out when a man picks it up. It will then notify you that it is time to return to the call.
  • For starters, the feature will be available on Google’s new Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A5G, but Google said it will be available on older Pixel devices as well.
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Google adds a new feature that eliminates the irritating part of modern life: waiting.

The Hold For Me feature is useful whenever you are listening to a recorded message or music while waiting to talk to a man on the phone. Wait for a call with Google Assistant to find out when a man is in line. It then sends you a notification asking if you want to return to the call.

While you wait, the call will be muted, but Google Assistant will create captions on your phone screen in real time so you can check for yourself what’s on the call.

The new feature was announced on Wednesday as part of Google’s launch night in event, where new Nest smart speakers and new Pixel phones, including the Pixel 5, were unveiled. Hold for Me will be available in preview mode on both the Pixel 5 and the new 5G. Although Google says that the version of the Pixel 4A will extend to older Pixel phones as well.

Hold for Me is one of a handful of new features launched by Google over the years with the goal of reducing stress during phone calls. Recently, Google has announced verified calls, An Android feature that displays the name and logo of a business and the reason for calling you. At a time when scam calls are on the rise, the goal is to help keep customers safe at the other end of the line to know that this is a confirmed business.

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Google launched last fall Call screen feature, Which manually deletes scam calls and screens them without you doing it manually. Google has launched Duplex 2018, an artificial intelligence feature capable of booking appointments or restaurant reservations on your behalf. Google says it uses Hold for Me duplex technology to tell the difference between a real person and recording.

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