A new feature from Facebook .. Group conversations between “Messenger” and Instagram users


Aiming to help people communicate, Facebook has introduced a group messaging service between its two most important applications, “Messenger” and Instagram.

Facebook has announced a new feature that allows users of “Messenger” and Instagram to create joint group conversations.

“Our goal with the new service is to help people communicate even when they are far away from each other, so we are excited about the new group messaging feature for sharing with friends and family,” said a blog post published by a subsidiary of the company.

With the new service, according to Facebook, Instagram users will be able to create group messaging that messenger users will join, and vice versa, if the people joining the conversation belong to certain groups, such as user-created work or family groups, or are related to certain topics and interests.

The service is equipped with features that help users cast some votes via “Instagram” and better expressive graphics, as well as a special indicator that enables users to know who is currently writing in the group conversation.

The new feature comes after Facebook’s success in allowing “Messenger” and “Instagram” users to create a unified account for personal correspondence, with 70% of users of both apps announcing that they have moved to try out the feature.


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