A mystery in the skies of Ukraine: where are the Russian drones

A mystery in the skies of Ukraine: where are the Russian drones
Members of the Russian Service walk with BMP-3 infantry during a combat tactical exercise conducted by a motorized rifle division at the Kadamovsky Firing Range (REUTERS / Sergey Pivovarov) in the Rostov region.

Promising great progress became more complex than Vladimir Putin himself had imagined. The large resistance of the Ukrainian army is slowing down the advance of the Russian troops more than expected. A mystery emerges during the Russian military campaign: Where are the Russian drones?

In an article published this Tuesday, the portal Defense one It was recalled that in the last decade the Russian military had stockpiled an important arsenal of intelligence drones, which were widely used in various conflict zones. In Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh, and eastern Ukraine.

These serve as the “eyes and ears” of the military: “They monitor surrounding areas, relay data between commanders and deployed troops, and identify and track destructive targets ranging from an infantry fire squad to a tank, artillery brigade or warship.

In such situations, drones are also essential to avoid maneuvers, as they provide a battlefield view that allows soldiers and commanders to make more detailed decisions about their next steps. However, since the beginning of the Russian occupation, The military ranks do not seem to have the slightest drone support.

“Russia’s initial advances to Ukraine did not have the situational awareness to provide such drones, at least in the manner in which the Russian military has trained over the past decade,” the article signed. Samuel Bendet.

Ukraine Resists Attacks by Russian Troops (REUTERS / Viacheslav Ratynskyi)
Ukraine Resists Attacks by Russian Troops (REUTERS / Viacheslav Ratynskyi)

The expert considered one reason that could explain the lack of effectiveness of Russian drones Proper functioning of the Ukrainian air defenseThis may have hampered Russian military efforts to use drones.

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“Another is that despite the success of the Russian military with small UAVs, the Ministry of Defense has recently approved the acquisition of larger and more capable drones,” Bendt said.

He mentioned in his analysis “Maybe we’ll not see the drones.”

In these lines, he recalled, recently the dictator of Belarus. Alexander LukashenkoAllied Vladimir PutinSurveillance drones operated in Ukraine during the first hours of the Russian occupation.

Most Russian military drones are relatively small and lightweight. Some are even designed to be thrown by hand. Most of the ship is built Grenade 1, Grenade 2, Elron-3, Salah, Orlan-10, Tachyon, Sastava models. They are enough to “disappear” after rising to an altitude of 1.5 to 2 km.

Another assumption raised by Bendet was that the Russian military could use its drones in the most successful areas, such as Crimea.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military is using its own drones, some Turkish-made TB2, and To attack Russian vehicles And Thus contains the advance of the soldiers trying to reach Kiev.

The moment the drones find their target

But Russian military experts and observers warn that much more may change in the coming days. Although the Russian army has fled to the unexpected strength of the Ukrainian defense, the troops seem to be reorganizing and strengthening their logistics and supply lines.

Sixth day of the occupation of Ukraine and Russia, the pressure and isolation of the international community, He bombed several cities and fortified his army near the capital, A one-kilometer line of military vehicles is waiting for an attack order.

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President Putin’s order to expand the offensive was heeded today by all fronts: In the south, north and east, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu warned that the “special operation” launched in Ukraine on February 24 would continue until Russia “achieves its goals”.

On Monday, Putin made it clear that he would only stop the occupation Considering Russia’s “legitimate security interests, including sovereignty over Crimea.”The Ukrainian Peninsula was annexed in 2014, as well as Ukraine’s “militarization and disarmament” and its neutral position on NATO.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has condemned the recent Russian attacks on various central cities in Ukrainian cities, using heavy weapons.

“The Secretary-General is deeply concerned about the use of heavy weapons against urban centers in Ukraine.Guterres’ spokesman Stefan Dujarric was removed from New York on Tuesday.

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