A Moroccan-French car company begins marketing a hydrogen car with very advanced technical features

A Moroccan-French car company begins marketing a hydrogen car with very advanced technical features

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French-Moroccan carmaker NAMX unveiled its hydrogen capsule delivery system in Paris on Monday and opened presale of its hydrogen cars to “democratize access to clean energy in mobility and beyond.”

During the International Motor Show in the French capital, the Afro-European technical project “NAMX” revealed a network of proximity automated dispensers of hydrogen capsules (CapXTORES), the company said in a statement.

The company said these elegant and cost-effective structures blend seamlessly with public space and allow users to reposition filled capsules according to their needs and movements.

Its local capsule sales network, accessible through a mobile reservation application, will not only allow Nemex users to easily fill up at multiple locations, but will also promote the development of other applications for home capsules. As in travel.

The company also announced that it will launch a pre-sales service for the hydrogen four-wheel drive vehicle (HUV), which will “accelerate the democratization of clean mobility, an issue that is critical at the crossroads of key geostrategic and environmental stakes.”

“We are proud to launch a pre-sale service for four-wheel drive (HUV) on the occasion of the International Motor Show, one of the largest car exhibitions in the country,” said Fouzi An-Naja, the Moroccan founding partner of Nemex.

“By launching our pre-sales service, we are laying the foundation for a solid community of customers and fans who share the same values: passion for freedom, passion for driving and concern for the environment,” he said. .

The same source added that the car, a collaboration with Italian designer Pininfarina, is a sports muscle car fitted with small hydrogen tanks.

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The car is equipped with a hydrogen main tank and a set of six hydrogen capsules, for full autonomy to cover a distance of 800 km, a speed of 250 km/h in its four-wheel drive version and a speed from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, so this car is considered high performance.

Founded by Fawzi An-Najah and Thomas Luzac, NAMEX is an Afro-European technology project that aims to integrate large-scale human mobility with environmental protection through green hydrogen.

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