A majestic system goes to Quebec

A majestic system goes to Quebec

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 7:51 AM – A large system is moving to Quebec, bringing a mixture of rain and strong winds on Thursdays and Fridays. Then, a low pressure will bring a little ice and there will be a drop of mercury.

In short :

  • Great depression since Wednesday evening;
  • Rain and strong winds;
  • Snowfall and then the fall of Mercury.

Spring system

In early spring, expect the worst when the weather gets tough. The combat of air masses and the passage of intense depression cause a mixture of abundant rainfall and strong winds. It forms exactly at the end of the week. A major system is going to Quebec, which will also reach Ontario. Neighboring provinces are also eligible for freezing rains. Behind this system, the low-pressure canopy will bring some snow and cold temperatures over the weekend.

Evo system

A good shower

In Quebec, rainfall is mostly forecast, with good amounts in some areas. The southeastern and eastern town townships of Quebec receive up to five millimeters, while Val-di, Chibou Gamu, and Saguene receive up to 30 millimeters of water. This rain will put pressure on the waterways along with lasting gentleness.

Rain Forecast (2)

Strong wind

One factor makes this system even more disturbing: the wind. In fact, from Quebec to Bass-Saint-Laurent, strong excitement will prevail throughout the province, especially along the coast. It can see altitudes of 80 km to 90 km per hour. Other areas will reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour.

Guests (7)

The sweetness before the fall

Quebec sees an increase in spring mildness that began on Tuesday. By the end of the week, the temperature will be above freezing. However, a lower pressure behind the system will bring less ice. This solid rain will coincide with a drop of mercury and the cold temperature will last for a few days.

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