A lucky hat for St. Patrick’s Day

Next Wednesday, March 17, is St. Patrick’s Day, a feast day for the Irish. Everyone dressed in green takes to the streets to celebrate their patron saint and the history and culture of their country! Parades, music and festivals are scheduled not only in Ireland but also in other countries. Wear the colors of St. Patrick’s Day with a leopard hat and a little prankster or lucky hat. With your brushes, let’s go with scissors!

Activity suggested by Julie Arnoux.


A cardboard plate

Green and black paint

Gold (or yellow) felt, or yellow paint.


A ruler



A brush

Step 1

Draw and cut a rectangle in the center of your plate. Be careful not to cut the bottom.

The second step

Fold the bottom of your rectangle, draw a line to remove the top of the rounding, and cut along the line.

Step 3

Draw the square and the circumference of the plate in green. Once the paint is dry, turn the plate over and paint the back.

Step 4

In the second step of your green rectangle, glue the bottom of the plate you cut and paint black.

Step 5

Cut four small strips of gold or yellow felt to form a belt loop. In length, they should match the width of your black part and be about 0.5 cm wide.

Step 6

Glue your four small strips together and make a square in the center of the black part.

You go there!

Bonus: If making clover, the symbol of Ireland, is fun for us!

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Material in a hat

Two cardboard plates

Three corks

Green paint


A brush

Adhesive tape or a good rubber band

Step 1

Take your three corks and secure them with tape or a good rubber band.

The second step

Pour the green paint on a cardboard plate and soak your corks.

Step 3

Use them as a stamp and stamp them in the middle of another paper plate. Press very hard. Repeat this process three times to design your three-leaf clover, the symbol of Ireland.
Draw a small stick with a brush.

Step 4

Once dry, cut your clover, being careful not to cut the bottom of your plate like a leprosy cap.

You go there!

Tip: For every green hat you can paint the outline of the plate and the entire back.

Tip 2: Use this stamp to make beautiful four leaf clovers this time, and give your loved ones a lucky charm. This brings good luck!

Click here for another two-color St.-Patrick’s Day tutorial!

Posted on 03-14-2021 at 7:02 AM

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